Zoos in Berlin Germany

  Sadly, in big cities children very rarely have the opportunity to experience with animals directly. Berlin Zoo is the oldest and best known zoo in Germany. Zoologischen garten Berlin some years ago celebrated its 165th anniversary. Zoo Berlin is the most visited zoo in Europe and one of the most popular worldwide. All animals seem incredibly happy. Berlin zoo Germany allows everybody to get up close to the animals. Some years ago polar bear Berlin zoo was best known Berlin’s celebrity. This cute tiny polar bear rejected by his mother at birth and adopted by the staff of the Berlin Zoo. He attracted amount of media coverage and visitors that the Zoo's profits soared from sales of entry tickets. The celebrity of  zoologischer garten Berlin zoo is also gorgeous Bao Bao, the Giant Panda.

   All kids love regular animal feedings. Kids can feed animals at the zoo in the Children’s zoo area in old-fashioned farm from the vending machines. Be sure to visit zoo Berlin with kids in spring when many newborn piglets, lambs and chicks are so cute not just for young visitors. Kids in Berlin zoo love penguins swimming right near them.

   Even during winter has its advantages. It is just amazing to see an elephant striding over the snow.
The Berlin zoo is so great and it's almost impossible to see all the animals in one day.  If your children in Berlin zoo are tired, there are some slides and playground.
If you would like to know how to get to Berlins zoo. It is very easy take U-bahn or Sbahn Berlin zoologischer garten station and then find from the station due to a huge picture of a giraffe on a high-rise building.

    Zoo Aquarium Berlin is a home to famous jellyfish breeding, some sharks, crocodiles and variety of insects.
When you buy tickets to the zoo Berlin there is special offer both the zoo and the aquarium for a discount.

  Tierpark zoo Berlin, Friedrichsfelde is beautifully landscaped park and one other zoos in Berlin too.  Be sure to take a free view to animals, pelicans around you or fruit bats overhead you. Tiergarten zoo Berlin is must visit in Berlin with kids, or must see in Berlin with teens.
There are some hotels zoo Berlin that offers free tickets to zoo Berlin though hotel booking. Or in German hotel am zoo Berlin.
If you go to Berlin for sure find time to visit Zoos in Berlin.

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