Where to eat in London UK

London is one of those cities to which the commonly heard saying is applicable: Everyone has their own London. And very often these parallel cities don't even overlap. One thing Is certain, however - once there, you fill your lungs with such a concentrate of the latest design, style, fashion, art and gastronomy, that upon your return you feel as If you had spent a week In high altitudes - the masses of aggregated red corpuscles (impressions, energising impulses) are so large that there will be enough oxygen of Inspiration to last you a long time.

So there are some places in London we recommend to go if you're hungry.

MAZE London

The pride of culinary London. It is Gordon Ramsay London Restaurant. Intelligent cuisine and design. Nothing over the top, no pretentiousness. The interior creates an unmistakable sense of stability and quality. The chef at Maze is Jason Atherton who used to work for Ramsay in his Dubai restaurant (before that - in El Bulli). Maze offers you two choices -the traditional three course meal or 20 tapas-style starters you can combine into six, eight or eleven appetisers. A gastronomic adventure is guaranteed. 10-13 Grosvenor Square, Wl


Sketch restaurant in London was opened in late 2002 by Mourad Mazouz, a well known figure in the London restaurateurs' circles with the help from the French chef Pierre Gagnaire, owner of three Michelin stars.
The place instantly became the destination for all sorts of you-just-have-to-be-seen-there characters, and one of the first things to do for anyone who found himself/herself there was a visit to the restroom, a white oval egg with a toilet bowl In the middle. The staff could probably write a novel about the ways and manners in which people tried to get there as soon as possible. 9 Conduit Street


A gourmet market, the ultimate gastronomic paradise. It is a place to be visited on Friday or Saturday mornings after a very light breakfast: you are guaranteed to eat your fill and then some. Tasting some olives is a must, they are fabulous and Incredibly large. And oysters: definitely better and cheaper than anywhere else In London. They are displayed In huge baskets: wait for your turn, pick the ones you fancy and they will be opened and offered with a glass of white wine. It Is a real paradise of aromas and flavours. The tube: London Bridge station

ZUMA London

When Zuma London Japanese restaurant was opened in London In 2002, there were people who were quick to proclaim it a serious competitor to the world famous Nobu restaurant chain, also represented as restaurants in London. More than a few London Oriental cuisine establishments have arrived on the London restaurant scene since then; Zuma is nevertheless still one of the most popular London addresses. 5 Raphael Street, London SW7

A MAYA London

The best London Indian Restaurant. Beautifully presented and appetizing, the chef Karunesh Khanna offers a fantastic, steamed and falling off the bone lamb as well as freshly prepared cheese with curry sauce. To say nothing about excellent wines and pomegranates dessert!
Halkin Arcade, 19 Motcomb Street, Knlghtsbridge, SW1X8JT


This is one of the best places for your afternoon tea London. The decor alone is a real treat. In 1920s the building used to belong to the ambitious British luxury car producer Wolseley Motors Limited, and this was the company's showroom, designed by architect William Curtis Green. Vaults, high ceiling, huge windows - a feel of spaciousness. Afternoon tea Is served 3 pm - 5.30 pm on weekdays and 3.30 - 6 pm on weekends. 160 Piccadilly, W1J 9EB London


A tiny and simple little restaurant, at first glance - not a place to write home about. And yet Is possesses a certain charm of its own. Small tables, everything a bit worn out: simple cutlery, metal bowls. It looks as If nothing has changed here since Its opening day in 1961. The patrons are mostly locals. Surprisingly good value for money. 98 King's Road

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