What to see on Museum Island, Berlin, Germany

  Museum Island Berlin or Museumsinsel Berlin is actually located on the island, which forms the river Spree.The island is located in the heart of old Berlin, halfway between Brandenburg Gate and Alexanderplatz. A unique museum complex, consisting of five major museums, was built over a hundred years and today it is a unique World Heritage Site. Exposure of the Old Museum (Altes Museum), New Museum (Neues Museum), Old National Gallery (Alte Nationalgalerie), Museum Bode (Bode-Museum) and the Pergamon Museum (Pergamon-Museum) include a rare archeological finds, as well as art of the XIX century. Gems collections of the Museum Island is the altar of Zeus in Pergamon Museum and the famous bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, which is stored in the new museum.

To save on tickets and jump the queue, it is recommended to buy a Museum pass Berlin or Berlin Welcome Card, which gives the opportunity to become acquainted with the collections of five museums. In this case, you should quickly identify their priorities and begin inspections. I must say that in all the museums are fantastic collection, but I still try to highlight for you those things that are worth seeing in any case.

1) The Pergamon Museum Berlin: above the altar of Zeus, as well as an excellent collection dedicated to ancient Babylon. In particular, it is in the Pergamon Museum are located the gates of the goddess Ishtar (you may see this rare in the movie "Alexander") and carved on a basalt pillar with Code of Hammurabi.
2) Bode Museum: Pay attention to the superb examples of Byzantine art - they are not so easy to find in Western Europe and USA. The museum is also famous for its unique interiors.
3) New Museum (Neues Museum Berlin): The most interesting is a very good collection of archaeological findings on ancient Egypt. In addition to Nefertiti, I recommend to pay attention to the statue of the scribe, which is very similar to information stored in the Louvre statue of a scribe Cai.
4) Old Museum (Altes Museum Berlin): Here you can see the art of the XIX century, as well as the collection of graphics from the XV century to the present day.
5) The National Gallery: here is come to see the works of great masters of the art (Degas, Cezanne, etc.) and sculpture (eg, Rodin).

Getting there: The best way to reach the urban railway (S-bahn) station Hackescher Markt, and then walk to Museum Island.