Western States Trip Planner, USA

A journey through the American West will begin in Los Angeles, this huge megalopolis with nearly 15 million inhabitants. Extensive, tourists will especially appreciate the visit of Beverly Hills and its neighborhoods, the famous Hollywood looking for movie stars, bustling Sunset Boulevard when night falls, Disneyland which will delight children and adults or the beaches of Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice or many others.

Nevada direction to go next in Las Vegas, the world capital of gambling with its hotels and casinos magical. Life is hectic 24 hours on 24 and even if you do not have the soul of a player you will be struck by the frenzy that has gripped this city born in the desert.

Not far from Las Vegas also is the famous Death Valley (Death Valley), an arid desert landscape with surprising and cactus and dry lakes.

Your journey through the American Southwest will continue in Utah, where the Zion National Park you will discover magnificent canyons in a landscape of sandstone-colored pink, red and white. The tour will continue in the Canyons Bryce Canyon National Park.

At the foot of Glen Canyon National Park, you will discover the beautiful Lake Powell, a huge body of water artificially created on the Colorado River.
Nearby, we visit the Navajo National Monument and Monument Valley in the heart of Navajo territory.

The American West landscape has considered the most beautiful wonders of the world. This is where the famous Grand Canyon carved by the Colorado River in a stunning landscape. At any time the colors and shapes change, revealing the eyes of a tourist spectacle.

Via the famous Route 66 which takes travelers from Los Angeles to Chicago, we will join the city of Laughlin, Nevada and its casinos. The road continues with the crossing of the Mojave Desert with its arid landscape. You'll feel like the heart of Western films, especially getting to Calico, a ghost town that was host to many gold and silver in late nineteenth century.

Between the foothills of the San Joaquin Valley and Sierra Nevada is the Sequoia National Park, so named because of the presence of giant sequoias millennia old. This is the region that culminates on Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the U.S. (if we except Alaska) to 4,418 meters.

From there we will join San Francisco, a city known for its beautiful bay and its picturesque streets up and down the hills on which the city was built. We will certainly visit the Cathedral, Chinatown, San Francisco's Chinatown, Civic Center, a beautiful building that houses the Hotel de Ville, the city's financial district with the Transamerica Pyramid, a building top 260 meters, Japantown, the district The Japanese Japantown San Francisco with its Peace Pagoda (Peace Pagoda) and Kabuki theater.
We admire the bay of San Francisco in basking in Golden Gate Park and we will visit Fisherman's Wharf (Pier fishermen), a district of the city very pleasant with its museums, restaurants seafood and the starting point for take the ferry to Alcatraz Island and its notorious prison.