Weather in USA

   Weather USA varied and changing according to season and region where you are. The United States offers a very varied climate and various temperature zones of its border with Canada to more tropical regions neighboring Mexico, Great Lakes cold temperatures extreme deserts of Nevada and Colorado.

    The Great Lakes region offers relatively warm days during the months of May and September but the nights are generally cool. During the summer in July and August, temperatures can be very high. Winter in this region is very cold with heavy snowfall.

    The City of New York's climate is tempered by the presence of the Atlantic Ocean, but there is often very hot in summer, while heavy snowfall can be very abundant in winter.

   The Rocky Mountain Region is generally very fresh, especially in the north where several ski resorts. California enjoys a Mediterranean climate favorable to vines and citrus cultivation. In states north of the Mexican border there are large deserts where temperatures can be extreme. Florida and Louisiana have a climate more tropical and the region must often cope with hurricanes between August and October.