Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral (Shtefansdom), Vienna, Austria

   Catholic Cathedral of the City of Vienna, or in common parlance Shtefl (Steffl), was founded in 1137 by Leopold IV placement and largely completed by 1511. The lengh of the cathedral is 107 m, width – 34 m. It has 34 towers: the highest of them- the southern tower (136,4 m). The construction of north tower was not completed, it’s height was 68 m left and right of main entrance are "pagan tower" (Heidentürme) a height of about 65 m, otherwise known as Roman. In the former Austro-Hungarian Empire was forbidden to build churches is higher than the south tower (for example, the New Cathedral in Linz at 2 m below). South Tower is a masterpiece of architecture: at such a height the depth of its foundation is only 1.5 m.

There are 23 bells in the cathedral. The biggest, consecrated in honor of the Blessed Virgin St. Mary, commonly called Pummerin (Pummerin). It is located on the north tower and weighs 20.130 kg (44.380 pounds). It is the largest bell in Austria and the second largest of the existing bells in Europe, after the bell, Peter in Cologne Cathedral, weighing 23.500 kg (51,800-pound). Originally cast in 1711 from cannons captured from the Turks, he was cast again, in part - from the old metal in 1951 after falling to the floor because of damage to the beam in a fire in 1945. New bell diameter 3.14 m - a gift from province Upper Austria. It’s used on major holidays. At the same tower, there are three other, older, not currently used bells.

According to legend, Ludwig van Beethoven (Beethoven) found a complete loss ofhearing, seeing birds flying out of the cathedral bells for ringing, but did not hear the ringing.

Getting to the cathedral is very easy – it’s situated near the metro station with the same title. I can also say that being near the cathedral, you can hire a horse-drawn carriage, or go shopping in the nearby department stores.