Unusual Things to Do in Rome, Italy

    Different guidebooks are offering their versions of must things to see in Rome. In addition to classic Rome attractions, there are unusual things to see in Rome and unusual things to do in Rome that no less exciting. You can also enjoy Rome outside classic Rome sightseeing tours.
I would recommend going to the Rome Coliseum first thing in the morning when there are hardly any tourists, tour around a bit and enjoy the peace. If you would like to jump the queue you can buy Roma Archeologia Card ( Rome archaeological card). It makes the best sense to purchase. The Archeology Card Rome is valid 7 days. This card allows the entrance to 9 Rome museums.
   Wander around the ruins of the largest and ancient Roman villa Villa Dei Quintili it was built 151 A.D. here it is easy to think about your life, then break up sad thoughts with some good Italian wine in lovely restaurant across the street.
    Send a postcard from the Vatican. Vatican mail is considered to be one of the most reliable and in the world. Italians prefer if possible send a letter by Vatican post , rather than Italian post. Italian post is famous for its laxity frequent losses of letters. Vatican post office is on the square in front of St Paul's Cathedral near the Vatican Museums.
    Visit the Vatican Museum Rome or Musei Vaticani inside the Vatican City. It is one of the greatest museums in the world. It was built in the early 16th century. The Vatican Museums is famous for its paintings by Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Perugino, Salvador Dali, Paul Gauguin, or Francis Bacon. Be sure to visit the Rome Vatican Museum on the last Sunday of each month, because it is open to the public for free.
    Sip cappuccino at the bar in cafe overlook the Colosseum or the Capitol and watch people. Don’t forget about Italian ice cream - gelato. You can buy Italian gelato in some bars and in special ice cream shops - gelateria. It is very tasty.
    If you are ghost stories lover, be sure visit the Capuchini Bone Chapel The Capuchin Crypt Rome near Piazza Barberini in Rome, Italy . Inside this small church alll furnishings are made from the donated bones of 4,000 Capuchin monks. The bones in this crypt are were nailed to the wall. A large clock in the Rome Capuchin Crypt is composed of vertebrae, foot bones and finger bones.  Go there in the evening under cover of darkness, it will strengthen the sense of mystery.

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