Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel Review, Las Vegas, NV, USA

      If you've never been in Tropicana hotel Las Vegas, Nevada, and judge him on tourist sites, it will show you the most beautiful place on Earth. Well, at the Tropicana Hotel and there are several important advantages. First, the cost of rooms seemed very humane, especially when you consider that we are talking about the four stars. Secondly, the hotel is conveniently located: you will be very convenient to walk on the Strip, the hotel is located near such hotels as New York, New York and MGM Grand, as well as a monorail station. Third, the hotel has an outdoor pool with a bar, but you can swim in it only if you arrive in the warmer months.

Besides, I might add a good buffet (in Vegas hotels breakfast is not included in the room fee and you have to remember about it), but if you're looking for diversity, I recommend to settle elsewhere.

Rooms? In the main building, which is well illustrated by the photographs, they are good, but if you are settled in a three-storey annexe, which adjoins the main entrance, don’t expect anything good. On the floors and rooms it's time to change the carpet, brushing it doesn’t help. Some rooms are "made" of suites and are connected by doors, which are very easy to open. Fortunately for me, in 2008, my neighbor was my colleague, and I couldn’t fear thieves. Starting from 22.00 on the ground floor you could see a huge number of hookers, some of them serve customers directly in the aisles between the machines. Fortunately, a few years later they disappeared and as a result the only entertainment remain the same machines, craps and roulette. Noteworthy shows at no.

If you wanted a night supper (visitors often wake up at night because of the difference in time), take care of this in advance - otherwise you will have to pay for the terrible sandwiches and drinks that are sold in twenty-four hour grocery store.

Conclusion: I recommend living at Tropicana only if you want to save money and come for a few days on business.