Trip to Nice France

Blessed by a sunny, temperate climate, Nice Cote d'Azur attracts visitor from around the world. Nice has nice weather, nice food, nice landscapes. Nice and nice spell the same way for a reason.  Conveniently located, Nice makes an ideal starting point for trips to other cities on the French Riviera. Nice is a major transportation hub in Europe. It`s the largest city between Marseille and Genoa. Many visitors to Nice enjoy a day excursion to the Cannes France or the seaside town of Menton. Other tourists to this French Riviera city enjoy a day trip to San Remo (it takes about one hour). Nice is a home to one-third of all Riviera hotels. From low-cost hotels to elegant seaside five star hotels, excellent accommodation is available for all budgets and of course apartments for rent for all ages, interests, holiday style etc, for those who want to be in the thick of the touristy areas or maybe peace and quiet or bizz.

To some, Nice seems to be less "French" than they would expect owing to its mix of regional cultures. Until 1860, Nice belonged to Sardinia and an Italian influence remains evident to this day.The area of today’s Nice is believed to be among the oldest human settlements in the world. Nice (Nicaea) was probably founded around 350 BC by the Greeks of Massilia. Among its many attractions are interesting Nice museums.  Musee et Site Archeologiques de Cimiez.
The city`s main walkway, Promenade des Anglais, pays tribute to history and the British nobility, who chose Nice ae their summer residence, as did Russian aristocracy in Tsarist times. There are picturesque Mediterranean architecture. The bright facade of the Negresco Hotel stands out amid the buildings of the Promenade des Anglaises, as the halls beneath its Custave Eiffel-designed ceiling present a rich collection of well-known paintings and sculptures. Adjacent to the Promenade is the picturesque district of Vieux Nice (Old Nice), where the Cours Saleya flower market blossoms every day, and whose narrow streets are studded with cosy restaurants serving traditional salty socca pancakes and nigoise salad.
Nice also hosts museums dedicated to Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse, as well as its Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.
The City is amazing and the beaches are incredible. They are rocky instead of sandy. There are as 15 private as several free public beaches. Be sure to wear your confortable shoes because walking is a great pleasure in this city. From Nice you can also visit Monaco and Cannes, or maybe you would like to visit Saint-Tropez. Food in Nice restaurants are great and varity, they provide Italian, American, French, and easy to find seafood restaurants. Nice offers many activities among them parasailing, jet skiing, banana boats, basketball. If you cannot speak French you have no difficulty to visit Nice. The citizens know that the main reason the area continues to thrive is because of the tourists so they are mostly friendly. I highly recommend enjoy the city, and the rest of the French Riviera.

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