Times Square, New York City, NY, USA

     Times Square is an area of ​​Midtown Manhattan in New York, located at the intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue in the interval between 42 th and 47 th Streets. Today it is one of the most popular, frequently visited places and must see in New York. The area got its name from a previously resided here the main office of world famous newspaper The New York Times.

In 1972, entertainer Dick Clark began a half-hour broadcast of the annual meeting of the New Year in Times Square, accompanying her popular music and commentary from various U.S. cities. The average New Year's Eve on the Square is going to 750.000 viewers, but on the eve of the new 2000 is estimated to collect 2 million people. Thus, the record, which held since August 1945 when the noted World War II, has been broken.
Broadway theaters, a lot of bright neon signs and signs in a television style made ​​Times Square one of the essential symbols of the turbulent life of New York. This is the only area of ​​the city where its inhabitants are obliged to display the bright billboards. The density of neon signs in the area competes with advertising in Las Vegas
Currently, the area boasts of  “Studio Times Square” of the “ABC”, where the air is a daily program "Good Morning America"; elaborate shops well-known companies Toys «R» Us, ”Virgin Records” and “Hershey's” and a host of modern cinema. On the square, and near it also has a large number of head offices of large financial, publishing and media corporations. Large police station in the area contributes to security in the region.

Where to eat: in Times Square there are several restaurants, but in my opinion, the best of them is “Mama Sbarro” - dishes that are cooked here, much like home cooking.

Things to see: skyscrapers, billboards, posters of Broadway musicals and, if lucky, the New Year. Alsow you can buy souvenirs. Don't forget about the famous Naked Cowboy - it works in those places.

What beware: pickpockets - in this area so many of them, and I advise to pull hands from your pockets only for make the next shot.

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