Things to see in Greenwich Village, New York, USA

     Greenwich Village NY is a famous district of New York bohemian, located in the west of Lower Manhattan. Writers and artists began to settle here during the time of O. Henry, who has repeatedly described them in his stories. Subsequently, the Greenwich Village NYC earned a reputation as a literary and artistic area —such famous people as a dancer Isadora Duncan and journalist John Reed lived here. Area became the most popular in 1950-1970’s — then it appeared regulary celebrated writers beatniks Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan, the musicians of Mamas and Papas and, of course, Paul Simon and Arthur Garfinkel, has written the most songs Bleecker Street — the most famous song about Greenwich Village.

Voices leaking from a sad café
Smiling faces try to understand
I saw a shadow touch a shadow's hand
On Bleecker Street

    Paul Simon said that Bleecker Street "is more than just a street, is a metaphor for Greenwich Village, where an unsuccessful because Bleecker Street is littered with bad art galleries and stalls selling pizza, and the few nice creative events, which are sometimes happen, marred by this. "
   In addition, in Greenwich Village New York originated the movement for gay rights: in 1969, Greenwich gays and lesbians became the first to resist the illegal arrest, and it played for them no less important than the fall of the Bastille to the history of modern France.
   Today's Greenwich Village is not the same - prices are constantly growing, so bohemian forced to move to other places. At the same time walk in this area must necessarily be in a to-do list of anyone who would like to see New York. If you want to see the Greenwich Village, go to the metro station to West 4 St - Washington Sq. We recommend you take a picture at Washington Square, walk along Bleecker Street, visit Greenwich Village art galleries and be sure to dine at one of the many Greenwich Village restaurants. Greenwich is also interesting for its many theaters and the main building at New York University.