Things to see in Edinburgh Scotland UK

Edinburgh has over 20,000 historical and architectural monuments. A short day trip would not be enough to see even one percent of them, but I’d like to advise you to see the major ones. The best place to get a first look at the Edinburgh Sightseeing Bus Tours in a classic double Decker open top bus. On your Edinburgh si ghtseeing bus tour, you can saw landmarks of the Old and New Towns (both listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites), National Museums Scotland, the Royal Mile, etc.Our second day in Edinburgh began with a stroll down the Royal Mile,'which connects Edinburgh Castle to the Royal Palace of Holyroodhouse Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Old town and Edinburgh New town are very walkable. So you can easily walk around most of the Royal Mile Edinburgh and New town in one day, Or you can rent a bike and do Edinburgh bike tour. Sightseeing the Edinburgh Royal Mile in detail, however, can take a 2-3 days at least

  First of all Edinburgh attractions is the spectacular 150 year old Camera Obscura and World of Illusions. He re, an antique system of lenses and mirrors capturing real time images of the Edinburgh city can be just as impressive as any modern technology. Imagine a dark museum room where the audience sits around a concave-shaped viewing table. A guide moves the image of the surrounding landscapes projected onto the table through a giant periscope. The guides' favorite trick is to display a couple of passers-by on a sheet of paper from the square, change the background and make it look like they are elsewhere in the city.

  Next one must see in Edinburgh is the Scottish Parliament . There are even public nurseries there allowing guests to attend debates and tour the building, while their children are being watched.

Then you can have a lunch at the Edinburgh pub Jenny Ha's pub, in the Old Town at 65 Canongate St.. After that the next things to see in Edinburgh is the Palace of Holyroodhouse , the Official Residence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in Scotland. For a long time, the palace, which was constructed back in 1128, hosted Holyrood house Abbey. Every year, at the end of June - early July, Queen Elisabeth II holds the traditional Holyrood week here, hosting official royal receptions.

  Be sure to visit Arthur's Seat - the main peak of the Holyrood Park hills, offering a splendid panorama of the city. Actually the first thing that impressed in Edinburgh is its picturesque landscape.The way to the observation site was rather long but it was well worth the effort. A fabulous view appeared before our eyes, as old Edinburgh looked as if it had been painted by a talented artist.

On the same day try to visit also St. Giles' Cathedral and National Museums Scotland. Among Edinburgh souvenirs be sure to buy small whiskey bottles, tartans and tin figures of Scottish knights.

If you are already starting to miss the city which we had to leave there are a wide choice of Edinburgh hotels for all budgets even Edinburgh hostels and Edinburgh apartments. Surely I advice is not to forget to bring raincoats and umbrellas with you, as you can never be sure about the weather in Scotland.