Things to See and to Do in Biarritz, France

    Biarritz is a seaside town in fashion on the shore of the south west of France.
Popular with tourists as well as surfers, Biarritz is known for its luxurious accommodation and variety of attractions and sights to receive.
While many of the visitors who head to Biarritz are looking for a high-end holidays, there are plenty more quiet holiday activities each day to enjoy, including visits to many excellent attractions in Biarritz

.   The Maritime Museum is one of the main Biarritz attractions, which houses more than twenty aquariums that display the various sea creatures like sharks and seals for visitors to see.
If you come to appreciate the museums with a theme, then the next museum is not to be missed the Museum of Chocolate!
The museum treats the guests with the history of chocolate and its manufacture, and is enough to keep any chocoholic feeling satisfied.

   A third museum collects fine examples of Asian art, which comes mainly from China, Nepal, Tibet and India.
This museum is known as the Asiatica Museum and is very popular with tourists of all types.
Other views to be seen around Biarritz includes several churches fantastic as the 12th century St Martin's Church and the Orthodox Russian Church, blue-domed and famous, which was built during the nineteenth century for visiting Russian noble became one of the most recognizable views in the city.

   Biarritz has no problem responding to his name as a luxury holiday perceive, and you can enjoy the height of racing and French cuisine, with many excellent shops of all types to visit and a wealth of fantastic restaurants to enjoy a delicious meal to follow in a busy day, and of course, since this is France, you can be sure of getting only the finest wine to enjoy with your meal.
After all, this is one of the most famous exports to France.
If you are into water sports then Biarritz and the surrounding areas are idea for you - there is always enough to continue surfing and even some competitions are held in this place, meaning if you prefer you can simply look around your vacation schedule the great event.
Anyway, when you return to your hotel in Biarritz you can be sure that you will do if with a smile on your face - in such a beautiful city with many attractions and facilities, it is hard not to be as happy as can be while on holiday.