The Museum of FC Barcelona, ​​Nou Camp Tour, Barcelona, ​​Spain

     At least half of the tourists and people coming to Barcelona on business, dreaming to visit a football match FC Barcelona - Real Madrid. I have to disappoint you: it’s virtually impossible. Tickets for these matches are sold out months before the game. True, tickets     can still be bought on game day from speculators near the stadium, but the cost of such tickets reaches 400 euros.

The second option - the match in Barcelona with the middle team or an outsider of La Liga. Alas, the last five years, Barca played so great, that even in its matches with the more modest teams going to a full stadium. Of course, you can try your luck at the ticket office on game day, but I'm pretty sure that tickets you will find, cost not less than 100 euros.

What remains a tourist who likes football? Of course, go to the Barcelona Museum, which is located directly at the     stadium Nou Camp (full name - Estadi Nou Camp).

I must say that the museum is simply amazing. First, it preserved a large number of exhibits late XIX - early XX century, including newspapers, photographs and football uniforms in those     years. Secondly, you can discover new names in the history of the club and international football (for example, by visiting the museum of Barcelona, ​​I discovered Laszlo Kubala - Slovak-Hungarian football player who recognized the best player in club history in 1999 . Third,     you can take pictures with Champions League Trophy, which Barca won     regularly in recent times.

Since the museum is located under the grandstands Nou Camp, you can see not only the cups and old     photos. Paying     for a ticket, you'll see the room in which players pray before the game and get off at the stadium. Frankly, Nou Camp impresses even when it is unoccupied and therefore I can only imagine the atmosphere in the stadium when it is filled to capacity.

At the end of the tour you can visit the gift shop of the club. Prices     there are not very humane, but if you have no money for T-shirt     (92.21 euros) can get a magnet or a scarf - they cost much less.

Getting there: The stadium near several subway stations, but in any case, you have to walk about a kilometer. Nearest station - Colblank, Les Corts and Palau Reial.