Jamaica vacations

Jamaica is the heart of the Caribbean Sea. The island attracts its picturesque and diverse landscapes. Tourists come here from all over the world, attracted by golden beaches, numerous festivals, exotic cuisine, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and mysterious forests. Most of the rivers are ideal for rafting.

Many people associate the island with the coffee, world famous Rum and reggae music. In this country music sounds everywhere. Relaxing rhythms of reggae help the tourists to distract from the rapid urban life and to forget about your problems.
The territory of Jamaica, the third largest Caribbean island has an area of ​​11.5 thousand square km Along with Cuba, Haiti and Puerto Rico, Jamaica is a part of Greater Antilles archipelago of the West Indies. The main shopping and transportation center of the country - the city of Kingston, the capital of the island nation.

The climate on the island is tropical. The average temperature on the coast- +24 ° C - +35 ° C. In the cooler mountain regions the temperature can drop to +10 ° C. The period from May to October is the most rainy.

The island is home of 2.6 million inhabitants. Most residents (76%) are descendants of African slaves brought here by the Spanish and English. Widespread intermarriage with the natives of Africa and immigrants from Europe, China, India and the Middle East. As a result, the island's population is quite diverse.
Official language - English, but extended to the local English-Creole "patois."

We recommend to see Spanish Town (Spanish Town), founded in 1582 by Diego Columbus, son of the great traveller. The city is known for its colonial-era buildings.
Very popular among tourists enjoy the Cathedral of St. Catherine (XVII cent.) - one of the oldest architectural monuments of Jamaica, preserved since the Spanish occupation.
In addition, you can visit the Royal Botanical Gardens - the largest natural reserve in the West Indies. Audiophiles will want to visit the Bob Marley Museum, where the collection of personal belongings and photographs of the musician.
90 km west of Kingston is a beautiful mountain resort of Mandeville, is known for his Classic Cars Museum.

We advise to bring home the world famous Jamaican rum (in any case, don’t use it in it’s purest form!) and coffee Blue Mountain. Large shopping centers are open from 9.00 am to 17.00 Mondays to Saturdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays (depending on the area) are open until 1400-1500. Small gift shops are open on their own schedule.
Rules of Conduct
It should be especially careful outside the resort. Recommended to leave the hotel groups. Be careful when dealing with the locals - the attitude to foreigners is ambiguous. Don’t be surprised if in the street somebody will offer you a women or a lot of marijuana.

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