Telecafe in Berlin, Germany - TV Tower Restaurant Review

Telecafe Alexanderplatz restaurants the highest rotating restaurant in Berlin Germany and one of the beste restaurants Berlin. Here you can see all things to see in Berlin in less than an hour and combine it with a delicious lunch. Telecafe TV Tower Berlin has a perfect location for soaking up the atmos­phere of Berlin. Visible from almost every location in the city, Berlin's TV Tower or Fernsehturm Berlin, at a height of 368 meters, is the third-tallest building in Europe.

Telecafe Berlin restaurant Alexanderplatz is located at the top of the Fernsehturm Berlin that shapes the skyline of the city. In only 40 seconds, the lift brings you up to a height of 207 meters.

I t really has a beautiful view of surrounding Berlin of the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the Potsdamer Platz, the Olympic Stadium, and the Museum Island will change before your eyes every 30 minutes - it is hard to imagine a better way to dis­cover Berlin in so little time. In good weather you can see up to as far as 40 km.

  When the sun shines on the tower the reflection in the silver ball at the top forms the shape of a cross. Berlin Germany is perfect at any time, but probably the best way to fall in love with the city is to see it on a bright summer morning or at sunset.
You can enjoy the superb view over Berlin, while enjoying coffee and cake. The prices are slightly more expensive than on the ground, but the portions are quite large and delicious. The menu makes all visitors feel at home with Chinese, Italian, Indian, and Mexican, and, certainly, German dishes. It is one of the cool restaurants Berlin.

Remember you must first of all buy TV Tower Berlin tickets to restaurant in Berlin Mitte even come into the restaurant. It is not included. Be sure to book a table in the cafe early. If you Book via the Internet, you definitely get a place and if the crowds by coming up on the tower. There is In Television Tower Cafe restaurant Berlin Mitte very noisy. If you book a table in the Telecafé restaurant Berlin Alexanderplatz, so there is no need to queue at the entrance to the television tower Berlin. You can buy the tickets to the tower in the souvenir shop.

It it very easy to get to the Telecafe Berlin restaurant to eat in Berlin you can take a local train to reach the TV tower conveniently via the S / U-Bahnhof Alexanderplatz.

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