Visiting Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

If you want to visit Sun Moon Lake, we recommend to book a tour, transportation and English speaking guide in Taipei. Travel advise: the road to Sun Moon Lake by car takes about 3.5 hours, and while on the road, you probably want to visit several places of interest - for example, the ancient port city Dukan. The roads in Taiwan are very good - is immediately evident that local government spent enough money for road infrastructure. The lake is located in the mountains and looks like Ritza Lake, located in the Caucasus. Types of lakes are very beautiful and I can say that it can be photographed without end. On the shores of Sun Moon Lake is located a few dozen hotels, as well as a number of souvenir and food shops and homes. You can’t swim in the lake because it’s considered the reserve of national importance. But you can order a fishing for $10.

What to do at Sun Moon Lake:
- Ride on a boat on the lake. Sun Moon Lake is small and doesn’t take a walk for over an hour
- Visit the pagoda Ci En, which was built in memory of president’s Chiang Kai-shek mother. However, it is on top of a hill and you'll have to go to her foot for at least 20 minutes, but it's worth it.
- Ride on Sun Moon Lake Ropeway - the steepest cable road, which I saw in my life. Don’t forget the camera and sit in the cockpit so that you feel comfortable photographing. I also strongly recommend you don’t take people who are afraid of heights.
- Visit the folk village Ita Thao. Once known as Dehua Village, this is the main Thao settlement. Traditional Thao performances and cultural exhibitions are offered here, as well as a shopping area full of Thao atmosphere.