St. Andrew's Day in Edinburgh, Scotland UK

On 30th November every year Edinburgh celebrates Scotland's patron Saint Andrew in grand style with events including over 400 festival events: Gala parades, Scottish folk dances, bagpipe performances, and a variety of concerts, fashion shows, exhibitions, banquets, sports events and fireworks. St. Andrew's Day marks the beginning of the Edinburgh Winter Festivals season, which includes a variety of events around Christmas and Hogmanay. St Andrew's Day is a bank holiday in Scotland. Some people have a day off work in Scotland. But St Andrew's Day is not a bank holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on November 30.
   For instance, starting from 28 November for week of celebrations in Edinburgh, St Andrew's 'Do' festival will be held in Edinburgh. Its main events will take place in the center of the city, on the territories of the Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile and Metropolitan Zoo, which was founded back in 1913. The program will feature grand theatrical shows, family events, outdoor festivities, musical performances and other festivities suitable to any taste. 1 will make sure not to miss the Illuminated Art Car Parade -an event that embodies restless imagination and the particular Scottish sense of humor. Another 28 November highlight is the official opening of Edinburgh's Christmas season. The finale of the festivities falls on St Andrew's Day, 30 November. On this day I intend to visit William Play fair's Library at Edinburgh University, where the holiday concert will take place. I would also like to attend Craig Mackay's photograph exhibition at the National Museum. Mackay's photographs are portraits of many known individuals of our time. Finally, I plan to pop into the Scottish Parliament to listen to debates and the concert of the Burn song folk songwriting competition finalists. The competition was inspired by the lyrics of the great Scottish poet Robert Burns.
Be sure to visit the Edinburgh castle because over the 27 - 29th November there's free entry to Edinburgh Castle.
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