Souvenirs from Vienna, Austria

Best souvenirs from Austria    

In my opinion, the best souvenir you can bring from Vienna, will be the local delicacies - Viennese schnitzel and dumplings, braised beef fillet Tafelshpitts, cheese rolls and, of course, the world-famous strudel. Don’t forget the chocolates «Mozart Kuegel» and «Eiswein» that is Austrian strong and sweet wine from frozen grapes, cut in cold weather.

Vienna souvenirs shops

Some of these things can be found in supermarket Billa, which is located near the airport (there you can find a good Austrian beer and my favorite carrot juice). It remains to add that during my visit in Vienna, I had lunch at a small restaurant, which runs to 1865. For lunch I paid 23 euros and for European standards it isn’t so little, but I can say that this dinner for half an hour turned me into a fiery patriot Vienna.

I don’t like magnets and wall plates in this city. First of all, almost all of them struck me as ugly (believe me, I have something to compare), and secondly, I had never seen the magnets, which would cost so much - 8.70 euros apiece! In my opinion, this magnet is quite possible to replace the disc by Johann Strauss.

Don’t forget about the cuckoo clock (they are sold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and statuette white horse breed lipitstsaner, which is a symbol of Vienna. This statue is the most traditional Viennese souvenir and sold almost everywhere.

Vienna souvenir

Most original souvenir of Vienna can be called a T-shirt with the words "Austria. No cangaroos". It so happens that many tourists are confused Austria and Australia, and an anecdote about a traveler from the U.S. who want to show him a kangaroo, can enter in school textbooks. It’s interesting that at one time one of those who are confused Austria with Australia was the ex-president George Bush.