Shopping in Hannover, Germany

    The capital of Lower Saxony doesn't apply to the most important tourist centers in Germany. Certainly, the city has a certain number of old buildings and museums, but the people who came to Hanover for business or simply traveling to Germany, sooner or later want to go shopping. To this end, in all conditions - after the Allied air force destroyed most of the city center during the Second World War - he was partly restored and partly built up with department stores. Some of them are located near the metro station Kropcke I would like to tell you about.

Peek & Cloppenburg
This department store sells men's, women's and children's clothing from the classic style of premium brands such as Boss Hugo Boss. We also recommend it to everyone who likes to dress boaters. Clothes are very expensive (the usual sweater can cost about 80 euros), but if you're a little lucky and you get there during the season of discounts, you can buy some things for quite humane price. For example is the shirt for 10 euros or a leather jacket for 125 euros.

The representative of perhaps the most affordable of European retail chain, sells men's, women's and children's clothing and accessories. When you visit it, I recommend to pay attention to the quality you bought things - in some cases, it leaves much to be desired. I note that the shop is very fond of me, because it can find clothing of almost any size - from largest to smallest.

Another retail chain, which is very well known in Europe. In recent years, produces a very good collection of clothes, at least, men's clothing I like. Sometimes H&M offers very good discounts, which in no way inferior C&A prices.

Karstadt/Karstadt Sport
Karstadt - this is a big department store with a huge range, which is the case even handbags and jewelry. I also recommend to go to Karstadt Sport - a separate store located not far from Karstadt. There you can purchase sports clothing, and besides, you should know that on the fourth floor of this building is the best toy store in the City Center.

Galeria Kaufhof
This department store has everything inclusive gourmet and expensive clothes.