Best souvenirs from Switzerland: what to buy in Geneva, unique gifts and famous items

Geneva is located between the Alps and the Jura mountains, on the shores of the Lake Geneva. If you love to shop, there is no better place than Geneva. Even the holidays is over, but there's still lots to do in Geneva. In Geneve Swiss there are plenty of gift ideas all around the Geneve city. Exclusive Geneva shops center is around the perimeters of the Rues Basses –Rue de la Croix-d’Or,  the chic Rue du Rhone, Rue de la Confederation and Rue du Marche. Geneva Switzerland is quite small city but rivals London and Paris as a major shopping destination in Europe.

Genva is famous for its big hotels, super malls and an array of jewelry stores and of course watch shops.

Geneva souvenirs

 The main Geneva souvenirs are Geneva Chocolate, Geneva watches, Geneva penknives.

  Serious shoppers should cross the Leman lake to the more expensive side of town known as Les Rues Basses where shops selling luxury goods abound.

On the Rue du Marche, one of the busiest spots in town, vendors at a large market sell almost anything from cuckoo clocks to Swiss flags. There is also the main department store in Geneva the Bon Genie department store, or two similar yet more affordable diversions, COOP and Migros.

Easily the best place to sample Swiss chocolate is Du Rhone Chocolatier, once frequented by Winston Churchill and French President Charles de Gaulle. Geneve Switzerland is a chocolate lover’s paradise.


Or consider an unexpected souvenir from Geneva is the Swiss wines are very good even if not very well known. The Swiss joke is that they drink all their wine and therefore never export any.

For Geneve travelers with children in tow, head for Pinocchio Jouets (10, rue Etienne-Dumont). This small but charming toy store offers magnificent handcrafted wooden toys ranging from rocking horses to locomotives, cars and dollhouses, and a marionette of its namesake Pinocchio, of course.

Can you imagine if the Swiss Army had not invented their useful little pocket tools? The Museum of Swiss Cutlery has a rich collection of Swiss Army knives, among which is the very first knife model from 1891, as well as a four-centimeter miniature and an incredible multi-tool Swiss knife with 200 gadgets.

And shopping in Geneva simply would not be complete without Swiss watches. Geneva is a world leader with many top brand watchmakers located right in the city. The Geneve world famous watch manufacturers include Omega, Piaget,  Audemars-Piguet, Girard Perregaux, Vacheron Constantin and many more. Prices for their Swiss wares often equal that of a very decent car, but at least one can feel secure in knowing that such genevois watches are truly Swiss made.
Geneva has many outdoor markets. The flower market on the Place du Molard is open daily and the clothes and book market on the Place de la Madeleine is also open daily.

Remember that VAT in Geneva is charged at a rate of 7.6% and can be reclaimed for single items purchased for 400 Swiss franks or more. Be sure to change your money at an independent currency exchange shop to avoid commission.