Sardinia Vacations, Italy

Sardinia or Sardegna - the second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily. This is a unique and original land full of contrasts: the endless horizons, the ridge of rough rocks, hills of granite, basalt and limestone mountains covered with dense thickets of wild, expanse of wetlands, over which fly the pink flamingos, fragrance of flowers, mastic trees and other forest plants .
The climate of Sardinia Italy is extremely soft. The main influence was exerted on him Atlantic, African and arctic winds. Here you can enjoy the sun about 300 days a year. The bulk of precipitation falls in winter - 600 mm. on the plains to 1000 mm. in the mountains. The average January temperature is +7-10 ° C, July - +24-26 ° C. Water off the coast of Sardinia in the warm summer months to 23-25 ​​° C. Bathing season on the island runs from June to October.

Back in the days when Europe was in a state of barbarism, in Sardinia there is already highly developed civilization. Traces of it still exist: the Roman baths and amphitheatres, castles, cathedrals and churches, as well as the huge stone dwellings (Nuraghe) survived 25 centuries. On the island remained a huge number of monuments left over from its peoples. This Phoenician city of Nora, Karalis, Sulkis and Tarros, majestic towers of stone, the settlement of Romans, Carthaginians, pizantsev, Genoese, Arabs, Byzantines, Spaniards. But the main attraction of the island are its beaches, the total length reaches 1850 km - a 25% of all Italian beaches and without a doubt, the most beautiful of them.

Today, Sardinia is a popular holiday destination wealthy people, so the prices are quite high (for example, on the island is a villa of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi). In the south of Sardinia, the complex is located Forte Village, recently recognized as the best resort in the world. In August the peak season and secular entertainment. The attention of wealthy tourists are offered concerts of stars, the exhibition of elite cars, sailing and many other delights.

Sardinian cuisine, and culture in general, experienced the influence of Italy, and Spain. Here you can easily find all the basic Italian fare: a variety of appetizers (antipasti), pasta, pizza, lots of meat, chicken and, of course, fish, nor to mention the seafood, which are selected in Sardinia just huge. Purely local dish is goat cheese, Pecorino, which perfectly suited to the different varieties of Sardinian bread. And, of course, you will find a huge selection of wines, including local ones.

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