Royal Wedding of Prince William Kate Middleton 2011 in NYC, NY, USA

   It seems to be that Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding are inspiring fan frenzy across the globe.

Almost every young girl dreams to feel like a princess on her wedding day. But only a select few are the genuine thing: royal brides. British royal weddings have always been breathtaking. From Queen Victoria to Princess Diana, this is a look into the majesty and splendor of some of the most memorable royal weddings in England. And the next wedding will take place on April 29 in Westminster Abbey, London, United Kingdom.

In a democratic New York City, though not recognize the monarchy, still interested in the royal wedding, especially the fashionable details. To consider the bride's dress and gowns reviews can be during a live broadcast, organized by the fashionable hotel The New York Palace (455 Madison Avenue, New York).

However, there is one disadvantage: when the wedding will begin in London, New York will be six o'clock in the morning. But the early rise will be offset by a traditional English breakfast of muffins, Scone with jam, scrambled eggs with Devonshire cream and sausages. Everything is organized according to the rules of etiquette: it is seating guests, elegant floral design, special menu "for newlyweds!" And gifts - wedding scented candles in glass trays engraved with the emblem of the royal family. Guests are also expected, and other "home" surprises: slippers, pillows and blankets, which will be available during breakfast. In short, almost intimate royal breakfast in bed. He finished eight in the morning a glass of champagne in honor of the newlyweds. Participation fee - $ 150.