Rockfeller Center (Top of the Rock) at night, New York City, NY, USA

    If you are unable to get tickets to "Phantom of the Opera" and you don’t know what to do in New York at night (don’t offer alcohol and TV), we recommend to climb to the top of Rockfeller Center - one of the highest buildings in Manhattan. New Yorkers call the observation desk Top of the Rock and consider him one of the main attractions of the city.

   I am ready to name a few reasons why you should look at the night of New York from above the top floor of one of the most famous skyscrapers in the world. Firstly, you don’t have to stand in long queues to buy tickets. Secondly, a ticket to Top of the Rock is only 20 bucks, and it is perhaps the most affordable fun of the Big Apple City. Third, the view from the 70th floor struck me so much that I strongly recommend to take a better camera for night shooting, you can buy or borrow from friends.

    Night photography from the top of Rockfeller Center is associated with certain difficulties, which you should know. The observation platform surrounded by a thick glass taller than a person (it is well to protect you from the wind), and make a good shot from behind the glass you will not succeed. Fortunately, between the glass panels have small gaps lens reflex camera. Performing this simple operation, you can make a stunning photo of Upper and Lower Manhattan, East River and Hudson River. I am almost certain that you will spend on the roof of not less than an hour - looking at the night New York is not boring.

    What to do after the photo shoot? You can buy a magnet or a T-shirt placed directly on the observation deck gift shop, though the cost seemed too high even by the standards of such incredible heights.

    If you are going to visit the Top of the Rock in the cold season and after descent down you still kept craving for entertainment, we recommend to go to the rink, which is located at the foot of Rockfeller Center, or sit in the Rock Center Café, watching the sliding on the ice inhabitants of the capital Peace ...

   How to get: The structure of Rockfeller Center, built 1930, includes 14 high-rise buildings, therefore, to find, write down the address:
30 Rockefeller Plaza (guests enter on 50th Street, between 5th & 6th Aves). New York, NY 10112