Dining in Riga in Latvia style

Riga, as a Liv Village, exists since the 11th. century, but only in 1201 Bishop Albert, lord of the Bremen's Town Hall, founded Riga as a medieval town. Now Riga is a almost open-air museum with it's gothic churches and ancient buildings. But not only. Riga dining reminds you of the Middle Ages. Enjoy your stay in Riga with heavy Latvian style food and variety of local beer. Home style Latvian cuisine style usually is in inexpensive or moderate prices if you like dishes of big size. In Riga restaurants try piradzini (small rolls filled with the bacon), pelekie zirni (grey peas with fried bacon dices and onion), maize zupa (layered rye bread dessert and forestberry jam and whipped cream).

Here you find information Riga guide restaurants.

First of all don't miss Riga restaurant Lido Atputas Center (Lido Recreation Center)only in a 10 min drive from the cener of Riga(also you can take a tram 3,7,9 to the 'Lido' stop or Bus 12 ). It's a favourite places of family recreation in Latvia.It is Latvian environment, home-brewed Lido beer, various tasty dishes in coutry-style and of courses LIDO cakes and desserts. Latvian bands play live every evening .But not only. It's also amusement park for all ages with 5-hectares of gardens, amusement rides and open-air skating rink during winter months.

Alus Seta which just off the Dome square, country-style Riga cafe Dzirnavas in the Center of Riga City or ethnic style Vermanitis and Staburags are also LIDO Group, and are a great place as for business lunch, as for family events ans as for other parties.

In Zila Govs (the Blue Cow) feel the taste of steaks and fish prepared from 100% biological Latvian products in the taverna-style restaurant created by historically authentic interior.

Melna Kaka Alus Ordenis (The Black Cat Beer Order) restaurant in Riga serves a wide choise of beer in medieval style under the Black Cat.

Salve decorated in Latvian style. Definitely the place for having real Riga food in a nice atmosphere and it isn't very expencive.

Nam Nam has extremely good value for money with summer terrace overlooking Doma laukums (Riga Dome Cathedral)

But if you would like to try real medieval restaurants in Riga with medieval menu dim lightning, waitresses in medieval clothes, try Rozengrals was mentioned in the scripts in 1293 as the most ancien festival place of the Riga City Council.

Some beer gardens don't only offers beer on tap with vey tasty summer food prepared in the open-air kitchen.

Don't miss Emihla Gustava shokolahde it's the Vienna style cafe with delicious hand-made chocolates.

But not only.

Not to be missed Riga Bar Magic to enjoy lovely desserts, special drinks made with Black Balsam or scientific part of alchemical transformation.

Dining in Latvia style is a good idea for Riga weekend.