Red Light District, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    At the word "Holland" each of us experience similar associations: the picturesque windmills, endless fields of tulips, home wonderfully tasty cheese and, of course, the famous Red Light District, located in Amsterdam. Nearly all excursions included this old district, and those who travel alone, be sure to drop here in the investigation of the streets of Amsterdam.

Independent prostitutes and organized brothels rendered services here of an intimate nature for centuries. Many years ago passers were coverage his way in the dark by flashlights. Prostitutes were required to use red light to protect against encroachment of respectable women of the city. As a result, the symbol of love was selling a red lantern.

In the XVI century "night butterflies" in the quarter gave special Red Light District. Ladies began to spend time near the open windows, instead of having to find customers on the street. Legalized prostitution in the autumn of  2000, when it was introduced by taxation and licensing. Now girls are prostitutes who work independently - private entrepreneurs. They create unions, deduct funds to insurance and pension funds, place check of sanitarity and tax services and feel valuable and respected members of society. Medical document certifying the safety of health services provided, is required for working women sexual front.

On the morning in the Red Light District goes mostly decent audience. If in the window box, draw the curtain, it means that there are already working, knock on another door. Prices are diverse, in a prestigious location area popular prostitutes would take about 300 euros, and on the outskirts of a modest rooms - 20 euros. Many girls work only during the day, pre-arrange a visit or call them at home can call on the phone next to the window.

There are among prostitutes and young men. Their services cost from 150 euros. They can find between the banks of the River Amstel and the area of ​​Rembrandt Plein. Often there are transsexuals, so we do not recommend to visit a whiskey bar before going to the Red Light District.
Talk about closing the quarter under way since 2006, but decreased only the number of homes - a third of them were bought by the municipality, and now they use as boutiques of Dutch designers.

More information about the selling of love, visit the Prostitution Information Center, based writer and a former prostitute Mariska Major. Open to all offers lectures, books, and sometimes tours with detailed stories about the violent youth of this lady.