Practical information for travel by train within South Korea

    1. Korea Railroad is one of the most comfortable in the world. Believe me, I have something to compare: in addition to Korea, I traveled by trains in UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Austria. In European countries, high-speed trains more or less equally fast and comfortable, but Korean railways shocked me.

2. All inscriptions in the train schedule duplicated in English, because finding the right flight and the platform at the train station of Seoul frame-easier than, for examle, at the train station Sants in Barcelona.

3. Permit system at the central railway station of Seoul recalls the airport - on the platform you will miss only 10 minutes before train departure. Very comfortable and to help solve the problem with station garbage - instead of smoking or chewing sandwiches, a passenger in a hurry to take their places.

4. High-speed trains in Korea travel at a speed of 300 km/h, while in Europe the figure is less than 250 km/h. And this despite the fact that the railways had to lay in the most difficult natural conditions - 70% of the country is mountainous.

5. At-speed train cars is table on which are included in the price of soft drinks, biscuits and sweets, while in Europe you have to pay for every calorie.