Plan a Trip to New York City, NY, USA

   The City of New York can make itself the subject of a trip to the U.S. because there is so much to discover. It is a very cosmopolitan city with distinct neighborhoods based communities that inhabit them.

   The southern island of Manhattan, called Lower Manhattan, is a commercial district. Here is Wall Street and the business sector. You can walk along the Hudson River Park in Battery Park or stroll along the docks of South Street. Here you can take a ferry to Staten Island where the Statue of Liberty.

   The interior of the island can not fail to visit Chinatown, real Chinese city at the heart of New York.
Close to Chinatown, another culture you expect: Little Italy, the Italian neighborhood that lies north of Canal Street.

   Between 14th Street and Houston Street, Greenwich Village is a cultural and residential neighborhoods in New York. Broadway separates into two: East Village with its trendy, its numerous rock bars, and West Village, with its quieter jazz bars and charming wooden houses of the eighteenth century.

  TriBeCa is a fashionable residential district of New York settled artists like Robert de Niro or Mariah Carey. It is so named, Triangle Below Canal Street, because of its triangular shape bounded to the north by Canal Street to the south by Park Place and east by the famous Broadway, a major thoroughfare that crosses the island of Manhattan diagonal and has many theaters.

   A South of Houston Street, you will discover the neighborhood of SOHO (South Houston) extending from both sides of Broadway. The old industrial buildings have been converted into loft by artists who settled in the bohemian neighborhood of New York.

  Between 34th Street and Central Park, Midtown has some of the most spectacular buildings of the city as the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral and the buildings of the United Nations. It is also a very commercial area, especially near Times Square where you can go shopping.

   At the center of the island is a huge green expanse of the lung in New York. Central Park is a green oasis wonder who will help you rest, take trips on foot, horseback, inline skates or by bike. This huge park of 3.4 sq. km area even has one of the two "Cleopatra's Needles", obelisks dating back 3500 years from Heliopolis in Egypt.

   The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum are located in the Upper East Side, east of Central Park. This is one of the richest neighborhoods in New York.

   To the west of Central Park you visit the Upper West Side was built where the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts and the Museum of Natural History. It is in this district that John Lennon was murdered and it is an area much frequented by musicians and artists from New York.

   North of Manhattan you will find yourself in the famous Harlem neighborhood, populated mainly by black and Latino population. It was a Mecca for jazz in the 1920s with the famous Cotton Club and Apollo Theater.

   The Cloisters, located north of the island of Manhattan includes medieval cloisters of the twelfth to the fifteenth century brought from southern France.

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