Oktoberfest Festival Munich Germany

It is difficult to find a man who has never heard of Oktoberfest Germany , even if such a person is not fond of beer. It is not surprising after all, since Oktoberfest Munich is the beer festival in Germany  the largest of the world - merry, reckless and surely frothy. Each year during the 15-day festival (Oktoberfest 2011 Germany September 17 - October 3, and Oktoberfest 2012 Germany September 22 - October 7 ), the constant clink of glasses, cheerful toasts and the delicious aromas of roasting Bavarian sausages will be ever-present at the event. Who would dare miss it? Oktober fest is the essence of the best and the merriest entertain­ments that Octoberfest Germany can offer beer lovers. Every year the festival attracts up to 7 million beer drinkers from around the world who in just a few days will consume more than 10 million pints of beer and up to 800,000 sausages!

The giant beer halls of the six main Munich breweries are on Theresienwiese Oktoberfest — the main festival site. Each beer tent has its own unique history and tradi­tions. The throwback Augustiner tent draws beer from real oak barrels (all others use metal tanks covered with wooden planks), while the centre of the festival is undoubtedly the Hofbrauhaus tent, which can host no fewer than 11,000 guests! This is the place where beer is served in huge 1-litre steins — the traditional party Oktoberfest Muenchen beer glass. The highlight of the festival is undoubtedly the specially brewed Oktoberfest beer, which can be purchased only at the event. It is aged longer than regular lager beer, has a distinct malty taste and is 5.2% to 6% strong. The food is certainly just as enjoyable: roasted chicken, huge pretzels, white Munich sausages, potato and cabbage salads, plus pork, ham, roast beef and grilled trout. Kids will also get their fill of great Bavarian treats: heart-shaped gingerbread, grilled nuts, glazed fruits and cotton candy. Along with 5,000 sorts of beer on tap the festival offers a huge range of attractions from its Ferris wheel and tra­ditional carousel (which has been entertaining children for over 80 years) to ultramodern roller coasters of more than 1,250 metres in length — the largest of its kind in the world. Munich presents a wondrous spectacle of baroque cathedrals and palaces, luxurious city parks and rich museums; Each year during beerfest oktoberfest Munich offers entertainment for everybody regardless of the season. And those who happen to miss out on Oktoberfest take heart: the six major breweries of the Bavarian capital keep their doors open to visitors year-round.

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