NY for Kids in the Rain, USA

We'd been planning NYC trip for six months almost and had everything planned and ready. Then 10 days before the trip our son, 12 yo, got sick. I figured our plans were off, and fortunately he was getting better. It was our son first trip to NYC. And I had done for our kids guide to New York. 

Airline lost one of our bags – wouldn’t think this would happen as it’s only a 1 hour flight.

We arrived late in the evening. We stayed at NYhotel the Affinia 50- highly recommend it, very family friendly nyc hotel for kids and in a great location. This is a no smoking new york hotel. We stayed in a deluxe suite with a balcony on the 18th floor for a very reasonable price. We could smell the aroma of Japanese BBQ, Spanish/Mex, Italian, and, Smith & Wollensky's - all across the street. Tube stations are no more than 3 blocks away and there are several to choose from, so you can go where you need to easily and efficiently - just like a real New Yorker. Plenty of nyc taxi service are also available. The desk personnel were very friendly, and even mentioned that they heard we had a birthday to celebrate this weekend. Our son was shocked that "somebody in New York" knew it was his birthday. We will be staying at this NYChotels again on our next trip.

Weather in NYC was raining and overcast 90% of our weekend, but we did the best we could with the situation. The weather was rainy, but not cold (especially compared to home), so after some hamburgers at Morningstar diner around the corner on 2nd ave (huge menu, great burgers, family atmosphere) we decided to check out the Sony Technology Wonderlab, which was a short walk over on Madison. A perfect time of year as there was absolutely no line-up --kids had returned to school but with it being the 1st week, no school trips were booked.

We stayed at Sony for a couple of hours – some great interactive exhibits; my son particularly liked it, especially with the piece de resistance of the video games at the very end. We walked back to the nychotel in the light rain, and managed to make it to the 6 PM wine and cheese on the 2nd floor lounge. Anyway, got back to the room, everyone through the shower and into bed. Excited and dreaming of this 3 days ahead in NY!

Monday: Breakfast was NYC Kid Friendly McDonalds, not glamorous, but our son was happy. We hopped on the New York City bus to Central Park Zoo. Saw all six animals. Really, it is a very nice place for being in the middle of the park, and we enjoyed it. Then back to the hotel for a quick break. We grabbed a quick lunch then bus hopped to the Empire State Building. Again, it was pouring out, but we had to go, we had also got a discount on these tix when we purchased the gray line bus/zephyr tix. Near the top, the audio tour seller gave us three phones for the price of one. They even had an "overcast day" version of the tour, so he gave us two with the regular spiel, and one with the overcast. It was interesting.

Now for lunch, hungry, and wanting at least one NYC restaurant experience, we ended up at John's Pizzeria in NYC Times Square. The building was gorgeous, loved the thought that it was once a church. The meal was delicious, and it was a nice time to relax and enjoy the meal and family.

Tuesday: Happy Birthday to our little son Harry who was 12.

We grabbed a quick breakfast in Starbucks just up the street for our breakfast. Great coffee, just what we wanted for breakfast, very fast and family-friendly. First of all it was a long-promised visit to Build A Bear Workshop. My sons built their very own giraffe and bear. They loved it, and the staff was so friendly. Then back to the NYChotel for a quick break, because the hotel had told us they were planning an ice cream party delivery for my son's birthday. Harry was thrilled! And I was very happy! After dessert, we need to find dinner and visit the Toy's R Us as promised. Since this was my son's birthday, he picked out his present at the store. Of course we did the ferris wheel ride.

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