New York-New York Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

   At first, this 4-star hotel is to recommend to people, who have never been to New York – don’t forget that in the mass consciousness Las Vegas is associated with the exotic and if you come from the East Coast of the USA, I advise you to choose another hotel.

The hotel "New York, New York" named after the world-famous song by Frank Sinatra and is located on Las Vegas Boulevard (Strip). The hotel is a model of New York City: here you can see the 45-meter model of the Statue of Liberty, Crysler Building, and even the Brooklyn Bridge. Another attraction of the hotel are huge roller coasters, which are clearly visible from the street. Trailers are carried in the immediate vicinity of the windows of the hotel.

Rooms at New York New York are equipped with cable TV channels and pay movies. The hotel offers room service and a personal safe.

The hotel New York New York has three outdoor swimming pools with Jacuzzis. Also at the hotel, there are numerous boutiques and big business center. If you're traveling with your child, you should know that the hotel has a lot of children's gaming machines.

You can try the authentic New York cuisine in any of eight restaurants and bars, although I personally unpleasantly surprised at the lack of them among the classic Jewish restaurant or deli shop, which can be called one of the best catering in the East Coast. Be sure to visit the Italian restaurant "Il Fornari" and order a real American hot dog in the "Natnan's Famous Hot Dogs". This company was founded in 1916 by Polish immigrant Nathan Hendverker and after a few decades its hot dogs have become a symbol of New York. These hot-dogs ate Alphonse Capone, Cary Grant, Franklin Roosevelt, Barbara Streisand and Rudy Giuliani. Nelson Rockefeller, Governor of New York, stated that, “No man can hope to be elected in his state without being photographed eating a hot dog at Nathan's Famous”.