New York City Things To Do NY, USA

    Where can I have a good time in New York? Everywhere in New York City. New York City is ‘the city that never sleeps’. There are a wide choice of New York holiday attractions and things to do in New York City. There are classic museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum, Madame Tussaud New York Wax Museum is the world famous tourist attraction with 200 of the world's top celebrity wax figures, and museums of modern art with crazy, just shocking, installations.

    New York nightclubs are the entertainment venue which usually operates late into the night. There are hundreds from which to choose.

    The most famous New York nightclubs are East of Eighth New York, La Nueva Escuelita New York, Club Edelweiss in New York New York, Roxy and Palladium night clubs in New York. Many nightclubs in NewYork enforce a dress code in order to ensure a certain type of clients. Many New York nightclubs only allow entry by special club cards. New York City offers a spectacular range of restaurants.

    New York restaurants offers the perfect set up for a romantic date and lounging. New York City restaurants are world famous. In Cipriani New York, L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon at the Four Seasons New York City , Bar Boulud you have to book almost a month before the event although the average price for dinner in a restaurant New York restaurant in Manhatten is very high.But you can always and without tension have a good time for a cup of coffee or tea in the cafes. If you need quick and cheap meals in New York go to the Grocery Shops fast-food outlets in the eastern style which is open round-the-clock or just go to the Starbucks for a cup of coffee with sandwiches and the New York cheesecake for dessert. In addition Starbucks offers free unlimited WiFi in New York City. In New York City Starbucks you can sip the cappuccino and enjoy cybersurfing from the comfort of a cozy chairs. New York City free wifi hotspots are not only in Starbucks , but also in New York there are McDonalds free wifi.

    In the New York Public Library everyone can take pleasure in countless treasures of knowledge. Or in world famous New York movie theaters you can world-class be the first to see the new production from Hollywood.

    For New York low cost shopping lovers is  Chinatown, the Chinese district of New York. Here you can enjoy almost authentic Chinese dishes. In the little Italy district you can enjoy authentic Italian pizza, or in the Brighton Beach you can enjoy real Russian vodka.
The numerous major fashion labels you can find in the Fifth Avenue New York and the Garment Center.