New York Attractions for Everyone, NY USA

    New York  is the heart of United States. If you have never been in New York, you know nothing of the United States. But even New Yorkers are not familiar with all New York attractions, which is rich in New York museums, NY restaurants, New York shops, and swarms of people.
Or you fall in love for the first time with NYC attractions, or start to hate them, but never be indifferent .
   The main attraction of New York City is Broadway Theater New York NY. But a true symbol of American democracy is the Statue of Liberty. By the way, the creator of the Statue of Liberty Alexander Gustave Eiffel is also creator of the Eiffel Tower Paris.

   In NYC there is amazing everything: the center of the financial world is Wall Street near Downtown. Empire State Building NYC is a 102 floor Art Deco skyscraper while no longer the highest building in the world, however, it is favorite tourist destination in New York
Manhattan is a real island there live the most beautiful women in the world with their rich kids and the movers and shakers Americans. Times Square with its MTV office is for music lovers.  

   Madison Square Garden is for basketball lovers in NYC, for NYC hockey lovers and is also world class concert hall
The Metropolitan Opera is New York City classical music venues with one of the largest in the world auditorium.    

    The main office of the UN is for politics and diplomacy lovers in NYC.
If you are tired of NYC attractions you can relax in  Rockefeller Center the famous Central Park and many other places, perfect for a quiet family holiday in NYC.
Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center are perfect for cultural holiday,  where you can enjoy the finest arias from opera singers or listen to a concert of modern talented singers.    

    In Soho and Greenwich Village are is full of jazz clubs, lovely cafes and art galleries, souvenirs shops books and jewelry.
District Garment and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan NY is for shopping lovers.

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