New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus), Hanover, Germany

    "New Town Hall" — one of the main attractions of Hanover and is one of City business cards. At first glance, it appears that the building was built in the XVII-XVIII century, but in reality, this magnificent building is less than 100 years. "New Hall" was opened after 12 years of construction, and it happened June 12, 1913.

Today in the hall of the New Town Hall, a hundred-meter dome, you can see the four models of the city of Hanover, representing it in the Middle Ages, before the war, the destruction of 1945 and now a modern city. In addition, rising by two elevators you can find on the viewing platform in the dome Hall (where there is only one in Europe lifting elevator), with a magnificent view over the city. Well, the weather is nice you can even see the forested mountains of the Harz.

Getting there: Take the metro to the station Markthalle/Landtag and a walk to New Town Hall. If you're in City Center, you can leisurely walk to the "New Town Hall", walking on the so-called "red line" which passes near all the most interesting buildings downtown.

How to Photograph: Near the town hall is a small pond with a graceful bridge, a fence which is made from wrought iron. I was in Hanover six times and in my opinion, you will not find more spectacular angle.

NB: If you are - a journalist and came to one of the numerous Hannover Exhibition (eg CeBIT), you can visit "New Town Hall" for free.