My impressions from the trip on Orient Express, London, England, UK

   The original Orient Express plying between Paris and Istanbul (the first trip took place in 1889), was known for its luxury coupe and an unprecedented rate for the time - a distance of 3000 km, he overcame all for 67 hours. Subsequently, the name Orient Express has become synonymous, and it was used to designate all expensive long-distance trains, characterized by an increased level of comfort. Today, they ply the whole of Europe (the average ticket price is about $3000), Central America and Asia. Alsow Orient Express goes in England, and on one such train I was lucky to visit.

   Now go to the UK three trains that come into the system Orient Express - Royal Scotsman, British Pullman and Northern Belle (in this case we are talking about those trains that do not comply with international trips). I was lucky enough to ride on the Northern Belle, and impressions from the trip I'd like to share with you.

   Train ride was organized by one of the largest IT companies, which thus would make an impression on his European partners. On hearing this, we were very happy, as a trip on the Orient Express can afford only the very wealthy people, and even border guards, after learning about the purpose of our trip, said it was very cool.

   Early in the morning we were brought to the station Victoriya and sent to a special waiting room, where there were luxurious leather sofas and lamps, reminiscent of the heroes of the stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. Then rode the train and stewards in the red uniforms have helped us to take their places. The first 20 minutes we were taking pictures of horrible, but soon we got tired of this occupation. Then it became clear that not all as good as we thought at first.

   First of all, we paid attention to the fact that Northern Belle passengers can only sit at the tables, and beds are not provided. If the atmosphere of the restaurant on wheels you bored - are suffering: other activities are not provided. Menu of train restaurant leaves much to be desired: even though we brought a lot of dishes, portions were too small and the food  wasn’t tasty. But most of all, we were disappointed that we had to ride on a rainy England for six and a half hours, although many of us have been in London for the first time and the result didn’t see the city.