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Montenegro is one of the brightest pearls of the Adriatic Sea .There are only a few countries have such colourful natural beauty. Regardless of time of year, this is one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline there can be, with in-numerable opportunities to be. Montenegro is the country of black mountains. Now, the world's first country with ecological conservation enshrined  is becoming a growing tourist destination. Montenegro are the beauties of the coast of the Adriatic with its Hawaiian-looking beaches, Southern Europe's only fjord, Montenegro tourist activities. Visit Montenegro is a good idea for unusual places to see.

Isolated Montenegro hotel Sveti Stefan is a prestigious hotel montenegro complex that has been appreciated by Sophia Loren, Claudia Schiffer and other celebrities.

According to Montenegrins, God created the world in six days and then took a rest before creating Montenegro. His break was needed to make wonders like the Bay of Kotor Montenegro- UNESCO World Heritage site - not to mention seacoasts, lakes, rivers, valleys, and mountains surrounding the country.

A Tropical Town

The coastal region -is the center of tourism Montenegro. The Montenegro Bay of Kotor, southern Montenegro, entrance is dominated by Herceg Novi Montenegro. The clock tower from 1667 starf on the town's lovely main square which is a nice place for a drink on a quiet, pleasant terra Herceg Novi Montenegro is a festival town, with book fairs, auto shows and film festivals organized here.  The place has palms, oleanders, eucalypti, agaves, cacti, bamboosai magnolias blossoming next to one another.
The true beauty of nature manifests itself in the central part of the bay. It has unbelievably deep water with an oil-like smoothness, surrounded on every side by high mountains with lush, green fora on their steep slopes. The bay makes a highly impression on the visitor, even though the scenery was not created by a glacier but by several rivers.

A Gem Embraced by Mountains

Perast Montenegro is beautiful small village aUNESCO World Natural and Historical Site. Two tiny islands are located in front of the town with one church on each. One them, St. George Island, is of natural origin and used to be an old burial ground for residents Perast. Today, an active Benedictine monastery is located here.

The other island, on which the Gospa od Skrpjela (Our Lady of the Rock) located, is artificial. According to legend, as seamen embarked on and returned from l journeys, their wives threw stones in the bay while praying for their health or safe return. The ages-old stones formed an island on the bank.
East of Perast Montenegro, we reach Kotor itself. The former maritime fort is still surrounded by city walls. The atmosphere of the town is most captivating: ships rock gently, ropes movel the breeze, and a fort overlooks the town with its memories of battles against Arabic, Turkish, CataloniaJ Italian, English and Russian armies. The town's Mediterranean streets, taverns and cafés are inviting for visitors who can party until morning.Mount Lovcen, is for car rental Montenegro, and a wonderful view of the bay can be enjoyed.

Adriatic Riviera

Continuing in a south-eastern direction, we reach Budva Montenegro the most popular resort destination with it`s montenegro beach and montenegro nightlife.   The well-known Jazz beach, where the Rolling Stones gave their only concert in the Balkans, is located directly next to Montenegro Budva. Along the shore, the most famous sea rests of the Eastern Adriatic Coast are lined: Milocer, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac, Buljarica, Sutomore -1 stop in Budva Montenegro for a while.
This charming seaside town is one of the most important regional destinations for tourists from both inland and the Adriatic Sea. The Budva port is home to elegant yachts throughout entire season. The inimitable atmosphere of winding alleys confined between Venetian you can be enjoyed. Opposite the seaport, a modern seaside montenegro activities centre lures those wishing explore nightlife with a range of elegant bars and dance clubs.
Many charming coastal towns are located between Milocer and Petrovac. The former seas summer residence of the Serbian king Nicola faces the Adriatic winds here. Today, it is a luxury here. The royal beach is an extraordinary sight where the sovereign spent his leisure time, and the bouring bay includes the queen's beach, where no one was allowed to go except the queen and| maids of honour. It is still closed today, only available to guests of the hotel.

Sveti Stefan Montenegro pickturesque town-hotel  former a fishing village is another gem of the Adriatic Sea, sparkles a short distance from Budva.Was built on an island, this tiny fishing village's original name was Suscepan. At the end oil sixties, the whole island was nationalised and converted to a hotel: each house is a sepan apartment. A bridge connects it to the mainland and a reception facility stands at the end of the island. Among countless foreign visitors, a great number of celebrities vacation. This truly special hotel complex is the best-known destination for tourism in Montenegro.|
Continuing to the south from here, we reach the town of Montenegro Bar, the largest port town of Montenegro. In line with Mediterranean customs, old Bar Montenegro was erected away from the seacoast on the hillside. The old town has become practically deserted by now, resembling an am museum. Europe's oldest living olive tree stands here: even today, weddings are often hunder the 2,500-year-old tree, in order to make the marriage as fruitful as the tree Itself.

Hawaii on the Adriatic

In Ulcinj, our last stop, we admire the incredible beach spreading to the mouth of the Bojana River and the Albanian border for nearly 13 kilometres. Covered by black sand, this beach looks as if it was imported from Hawaii, and strong and ever-present winds, creating mighty waves for surfers, make the illusion complete. Take a brief excursion on the Bojana River and admire from the two banks the dense network of fishing boats masts rocking above the water. Those visiting the area should definitely not miss what may be the least likely river bend of the world next to Rijeka Crnojevica: the picturesque river flowing around the conical mountain takes a 180-degree turn here, thereby creating a landscape which is one of the symbols of Montenegro.

  On the Verge of Prosperity

There are several signs that Montenegro will join the prosperous circuit of the tourism world in the near future. Investors, who have noticed its incredible natural assets, dream of creating here a world-class resort, a sort of Adriatic Dubai. The infrastructure is being restored and Montenegro is likely to become a well-known, popular, and fashionable resort: a "Balkan Riviera". A wealth of captivatingly beautiful sights, a heroic and stormy history, several centuries-old cultural treasures and open, friendly, hospitable people: all these together make Montenegro an Adriatic paradise waiting to be rediscovered.

But remember, that that July and August are very busy with many tourists from the Balkans and Russians states.

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