Monaco with kids

Monaco is the tiny country that has been ruled for more than 800 years by the Grimaldi family. Monaco makes up for in fairy-tale options that the adults and children can enjoy.

If you would like to visit Monte Carlo with kids and even with strollers, don’t be afraid allot stairways. There are lots of people in Monte Carl with kids with strollers and they all seem to manage. By the way, the stairs can be avoided, either by taking other routes or using the buses.

I think your children will love the Oceanographic Museum. It’s better to spend the afternoon here to avoid crowds and heat. The world-famous deep-diving explorer Jacques Cousteau was the director of this museum for more than 30 years. Don’t forget about several daily workshops for kids. Actually the Oceanographic Museum Monaco is worth a look just to admire the architecture, this is particularly good idea for a rainy day in Monaco with kids. Also, you can relax at the lovely open-air rooftop café, La Terrace, Bonus for the children: The café’s rooftop playground.

Keep in mind that at 11.55 is the changing of the guard at the Prince's Palace takes place. The royal family of Monaco, the Grimaldis is the world’s oldest ruling family. The Palace is still the official residence of the prince and his family. It has been it’s been occupied by the Grimaldi family since the 13th century. You could tour the entire Prince’s palace Monte-Carlo in an hour. There is a super little shaded playground just a short walk from the Palace Square. Before leaving the Rocher, your children will love a ride on the Petit Train, departs from outside the Museum.

If your kids like cars, maybe the Prince's car collection would appeal. Don’t forget stopping for the obligatory photo inside the bronze F1 car at the side of Monte Carlo’s Formula 1 track.

If you want to avoid the crowd and just take a relax, take the local Monaco line and get off at the heliport or just walk Near the big circus tent is another attractive playground, a carousel, and a big pond with turtles and ducks. The Princess Grace Rose Garden is worthwhile a visit and even easy to manage with a buggy, as are the gardens surrounding it. The Exotic gardens Monaco are also lovely with these shaded green spaces among colourful flowers and just the most beautiful views of the sea below which is so clear that even from this height you could see shoals of fishes.

If you are hungry there is a picturesque square behind the Cathedral and you can pizza places in Monte Carlo.

You can also take the hop-on/hop-off bus the Monaco Tour, an open-air trolley train that zips around several popular highlights of the Monaco has to offer.