Hannover Germany churches: Marktkirche

     On the market square, around which the merchants and craftsmen settled, the city began to grow. Marktkirche  was built in the XIV century and today it’s the most southern  sample of North Europe Gothic and it is one of the main things to see in Hannover.

Inspecting  Hannover attractions Marktkirche, pay attention to the church belfry: many centures ago     its construction was interrupted due to lack of money in city     coffers, and then, in haste, it was decided to shorten the top of  the building and to erect the spire right on the part of the tower,     which had already completed. However, this architectural improvisation was so successful that other     architects even began to imitate it.

During     the Second World War Marktkirche miraculously survived. All damages were liquidated on the post-war reconstruction in 1952. At the same  time sculptor Gerhard Marx introduced the motives of the most tragic chapter in German history on the Marktkirche portal. Especially I     was impressed by metal gates of the temple, decorated with     bas-reliefs with images of tanks, soldiers and people who survived one of the greatest tragedies in human history.

Marktkirche     is the burial place of the hero's 30-year war, Gen. Johann Michael     von Obentrauta, aka "German Michel". He died in 1625 during the German-Danish war.

Today     Marktkirche is still the most tallest building in the city center     and forms his silhouette. The     temple is open to the public from 10.00 to 18.00.