Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Beach Resort, my best hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

    Rest in the hotel became one of the most memorable experiences of my biography of the professional traveler. In general I can say that I really liked it, but as in any hotel, along with the advantages I have noticed some bags, and I share to share my impressions with you.

Excellent white sand beach and crystal clear water of Caribbean Sea, probably the cleanest sea water, which I have ever seen in my life. In general, the water is so good that a week spent in Majestic Colonial, I've never bathed in the pool. The water area of the beach is separated from the open sea by coral reefs, so you do not have to worry about sharks and other predators. On the beach a huge number of sun beds, but other than that you can always come up and order a cocktail at the beach bar. The Hotel has it’s own beach so there were no outsiders.

Very good food, although I suggest there is only the dishes, the taste of which you are familiar. If you want to drink Fresh exotic fruits, you risk spending the rest of the day in the toilet.

A number of different restaurants on site. You can taste Italian, French, Dominican, Mexican and even Japanese cuisine. Local wine is included in the price but you have to pay for good wine. To the waiter quickly served you, give him 1-2 bucks tips.

Fairly spacious rooms, which operates round the clock air conditioning.

Above all, the hotel is well possible organization of wedding ceremonies on the beach. I saw some of them, and they produced a very good impression. The hotel also has special rooms for honeymooners with a jacuzzi on the terrace.

In the evenings, the hotel often plays an orchestra. Music is very nice, at this time I want to dance or listen the music while sipping a cocktail.

Directly at the entrance of the hotel is a wonderful souvenir market, where you can buy great souvenirs. Dominicans are very cool sellers: as soon as you come, back to you immediately run up a few people shouting «My friend, I have a good price for you!» One of them, who will be able to drag you into his shop, is almost certain to treat you with an inexpensive cigar or give a small souvenir made by local craftsmen. Be sure to bargain - in Dominican Republic it is an integral part of business culture.

Hall for a disco too small and if you feel like dancing, I recommend to do it with music from a mobile phone in your room.

Tennis Court leaves much to be desired, and a basketball court in my eyes filled rubble - ostensibly for repairs. I hope it is repaired.

Money and valuables are best kept in a vault.