John F. Kennedy International Airport, USA

John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK international airport located in the southeastern section of Queens County, New York City, on Jamaica Bay. It is 12 miles(19 km) by highway from midtown Manhattan. It’s the top international air passenger gateway to the US. JFK intl airport is the base of operations for JetBlue Airways and is also a major international gateway hub for American Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Nearly 90 airlines from over 50 countries operate regularly scheduled flights from JFK.

How to get from New York to JFK and from JFK to NY.

The air traveler has a variety of travel options to get to JFK Airport, including the New York Subway, taxi, limo, express bus, Airtrain, and even a scheduled helicopter service. Here you find some information about jfk airport transportation.

JFK Airport Taxi:

Travel time 65-75 min when you take a taxi to jfk airport.

When you land at JFK Airport, please don't do what we did. There seems to be men standing near the doors shouting Taxis which obviously are not proper taxis as we have know realized. It cost us $120 to get from the airport to the Travel Inn. You live and learn and we won't do this again. I think it should only cost you about $50. When you get outside, you should clearly see a taxi queue. Don't get into anything other than a yellow taxi with a meter, unless you previously arraigned for car service. Taxi from JFK to anywhere in Manhattan cost a flat rate of $45 plus $4.50 toll plus tip. You can easily negotiate them down to a reasonable or even a cheap rate, but much safer just to use the official cabs. NYC taxis don`t charge by the person. NYC taxis don`t charge you for baggage. Taxi fares are based on meters which measure distance and time.Taxi to JFK airport isn't your only option to get to Kenedy Airport.

JFK Airport Subway:

Travel time 60-65 min

The cheapest would be the subway, then the Airtrain to JF Kennedy Airport - $7(although substantially longer in time) is to take the E or the F subway to Kew Gardens, and then change there for the Q-10 bus to JFK. If you use a MetroCard, the transfer from subway to bus is free and so the entire trip from Manhattan to JFK is only $2. Even if you don't use a MetroCard on the bus (and I don't know why you would not), the bus fare is also only about $2, so the total fare would be about $4

JFK Airport Shuttle:

Several city bus lines link John F Kennedy Airport to the NY subway and, including the Q3, Q6, Q7, Q10 (Local/Limited), and B15, with free transfers provided for subway connections. The buses are handicapped accessible.

JFK Express Bus:

Travel time 70-85 min

There are also many private bus lines operating express buses to Manhattan, Long Island the Hudson Valley. The buses offer comfortable seats. The buses to JFK Airport run every 15-30 min.

JFK Car Rentals:

If you're driving your own car from Midtown to JFK it's fairly straightforward: you'll head for the Queens-Midtown tunnel, go eastbound on the Long Island Expressway, merge onto the Grand Central Parkway going east, and shortly thereafter merge onto the Van Wyck Expressway going south to JFK Airport. JFK airport parking is both expensive and difficult to find, and you will find your money better spent on mass transit and taxis. In the immediate vicinity of the airport, parking and other information about jfk airport car service can be obtained by tuning to a highway advisory radio station at 1630 AM. A second station at 1700 AM provides information on traffic concerns for drivers leaving the airport. Also available jfk long term parking.

JFK Parking:

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