Insa-dong: where to buy souvenirs in Seoul, South Korea

    What to do after you arrive at Incheon Airport, get to Seoul Korea, settled in the hotel and took a shower? Do not waste time and go hunting for souvenirs. If you live in one of the centrally located Seoul hotels such as Lotte World or Shilla, we don’t recommend to use Seoul public transport and walk to Insa-dong — the most popular souvenir district for Seoul shopping. Even if you took a picture every home, walk hardly takes half an hour. In any case, don’t forget to take a city map with Seoul English names and ask the concierge to note on the map location of the hotel and Insa-dong.

   While walking on Insa-dong note a few things. Firstly, they sell luxury of a fan with a painting that will be a great gift for your Mom. Second, be sure to buy ginseng. At Insa-dong sell countless species of ginseng, ranging from huge jars with vegetables and finishing packages resembling tea bags. I recommend the red ginseng granules: based on it can make a very useful tonic and besides, it helpes with heart disease — in any case, my father was pleased. Worth a ginseng is not so cheap, but in this case, we advise not to save.

   The next item — a mask, traditional mask of Korean folk theater. A great souvenir, that you can hang on a wall as a reminder about your travel exploits. Pay attention to packaging: masks made of wood and sloppy transported in checked baggage may crack. Also, you'll certainly enjoy the beautiful pearl boxes, rugs and terracotta figurines. Pay particular attention to the bronze: in Insa-dong you can buy armor, statues, head of the Buddha, Budda’s with other body parts, weapons, scales, utensils, dragons and a whole collection of other bronze trash. Bronze looks very nice, but not everyone wants to drag this scrap metal overseas.

   What else? Glasses of vodka, for example. All glasses are covered with drawings in the style of folk-art and will be a great gift for male colleagues. However, anyone can keep it - at my house they are standing still.