Ibiza Night Clubs, Spain

The Island of Ibiza is part of the Balearic archipelago. Its length is 40 km, width - 20 km. In search of adventure and excitement youth come here from all over the world.

On the island - two main centers of club culture: the capital of the island of Ibiza and San Antonio , where he lives most of the English youth, but there are also Germans, French, Spaniards, more rarely - Russians.
The former in the late 60's center of hippy counterculture, today's Ibiza - quite mercenary and a fairly expensive island. To feel good, you must have in your pocket no less than 100 EUR per day. The entrance to the club is 20-30 EUR, drinks - 8-10 EUR. To travel to Ibiza for a week, you need to spend at least 700 EUR per flight and hotel (modest and on the outskirts). Rent low-cost car for a week - around 250 EUR.

Club season opens in early June and lasts until late September. As a rule, first opened Es Paradis - in the last days of May, then Space - the first Sunday in June, a week later - Amnesia. Popular parties Cream and Manumission begin with the third-fourth week of June. Since early September, it comes to closing the season, although the most persistent "clubbers" come off before the end of the month. Pacha and El Divino open all year round, but in the winter - only on weekends.

Every year the best clubs (Cream, Renaissance, Ministry of Sound) represent their party in Ibiza. The basic movement starts in May and the peak of his account in August-September: this is the time to Ibiza attracts major figures: the well-known DJs and residents of the biggest clubs in the world. Therefore, it is now considered the hottest and fun. Club life on the island begins at night: the doors of stylish shops, bars and clubs.

Everywhere on the island hung advertising nightclubs and before club bars (such as ZOO, Mambo and Cafe del Mar) are considered the most trendy and popular bars). Before club bars – places, where they are going in the evening, as in clubs all starts only after two nights.

The most famous and most visited islands are the clubs Eden, Space and Es Paradis in San Antonio, Manumission and Amnesia in San Rafael, Pacha, Privilege and El Divino between San Antonio and Ibiza.

Entrance fee ranges from 20-30 EUR. Cocktail vodka-lemon is 8-10 EUR, beer or soft drink - 6-8 EUR. Many discos offer its visitors a variety of benefit programs. For example, guests at night, Eden delivers Discobus, at El Divino for groups of more than three persons are provided with free taxi upon presentation of bills to pay the drinks and snacks. Often there are discounts presenters flyers.

In August, the island of pandemonium, the heat, raised to the obscene prices and enormously long line at the clubs. Find a taxi or rent a car - a problem on the beaches are not overcrowded. To avoid this "burp pop" in Ibiza, it's better to go to the island during the second half of June, July or the first half of September. Fun out there at this time no less, but not the August madness.
Flyers - a good way to save on the entrance to the club. Usually, they guarantee discounts somewhere in the amount of EUR 6, plus one free drink. It also makes sense to purchase tickets to the clubs in advance: so will be cheaper and will be able to avoid the queues at the entrance.