How to get to Lubeck, Germany

    For centuries, Lübeck was the capital of the Hanseatic League (a hybrid of NATO and the World Trade Organization, founded in the XIV century), during the Second World War it wasn't bombed and today it can rightly be called one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Europe. Lubeck isn’t so well known as Amsterdam, but for me and many of my friends Lubeck will remain one of the most beautiful cities we've seen.

Getting to Luebeck very easily, but you have to carefully plan your trip. First of all, you should know that the city has a small airport, which is the base for several low-coast flights. If you order tickets for a few months, you get very cheap journey. Directions from the airport to the city center by train (railway station is 500 meters from the airport) or by bus. The train is 15 minutes, the bus - about an hour.

If you're going to Lubeck from Berlin, Hamburg and Hanover, we recommend to travel by train a day off - in this case, you can save. To do this, buy the Wochenende-Ticket (only 39 euros if paid online). The ticket is valid on Saturday and Sunday, and besides this is a travel document for 5 people. True, you have to use on that trains, which are called Regional Express (RE). They didn’t go so fast as IC and ICE, but it's not the biggest problem, if you travel in good company.

While traveling by train from Hannover and Berlin, you will need to do the transplant. Even if the interval between trips is small, do not worry - the trains are always waiting for passengers with other flights. Before leaving, don’t forget to print out your route: it will identify not only the number of trains and their time of departure, but alsow the number of ways in which they went. If the ticket indicates that the train on which you have to change seats off the path number 103 or 41, do not worry - transplants occur on smaller stations, where you can see 3-4 tracks.

The road to Lubeck from Berlin takes about two hours and a half. From Hanover it takes three hours and from Hamburg you can reach Lubeck without connections in 40 minutes. On the way, carefully look through the window - you will see lots of cute towns situated in Schleswig-Holstein.