How to get from Nice to Menton by bus, train or taxi

Menton is the most Italian from French resorts. Menton is situated just one mile from the Italian border. Menton is one of the most inexpensive resort on the French Riviera. It seems a very lovely place for cheap family vacations on French Riviera. There are the really favorable prices of apartment renting in Menton France. There are good choice of cheap hotels in Menton and youth hostel in Menton. Menton people all have a very loving look and they were also appearing to be very friendly; just that they were not so good in English. Cote dAzur shopping in Menton is accessible. Getting around Menton for Menton day trip is not a problem at all. There are some medieval village around Menton. Good idea for village day trip from Menton is Sainte Agnes, or maybe Sospel. You can reach in an hour a very charming village La Brigue which is further up the Roya/Bevera valleys. Menton is very close to Monaco and Ventimiglia.

How to get to Menton

    Distance in kilometers from Nice to Menton is 20.92 Km. Distance in miles from Nice to Menton is 13 miles.
    How to get to Menton by plane. There is no airports in Menton. Most visitors bound for Menton will arrive first at Nice. Nice is served by an  Nice international airport. Travelling from Nice to Menton is made relatively easy by the large number of public transport. For Nice Airport Menton the most easy way is by Airport

    Express Route 110 bus Nice airport Menton just outsideTerminal 1. Or also you can take the Nice Airport to Nice bus number 98, and then  continue by train Nice Menton. There is also night train Nice Airport to Menton even at 01.00 am.

How to get to Menton by bus

The cheapest but also the slowest way is 100 bus from Nice to Menton. It takes approx. 40min. getting from Nice to Menton by busThe local Bus Nice Menton 100 stops the same station as the express bus Nice Menton 110, but makes many more stops along the way.

How to get to Menton by train

It would be faster but more expensive to take the train from Nice to Menton. It takes about 30 min only because the train Nice Menton stop in quite a few places like Monaco. There is Tgv train Menton from Paris, so it is easy and comfortable to get from Paris to Menton by train, London Menton train, Brussels Menton train, or Amsterdam Menton train. Nice airport has a railway station near by it is Nice-St Augustin.

How to get to Menton by car

There are a lot of car rental Nice airport agencies at the train station on Avenue de Thiers. So you can book your cheap car rental in Nice or find lowest Nice Airport car rental prices from car hire deals in Nice Airport France. If you have booked the hotel you can find cheap car hire for your destination.

Getting to Menton by taxi

There a lot of services taxi Nice airport Menton. If you old like to get from Nice to Menton as quickly as possible in which case the taxi Nice Menton are a tempting option. There is also Riviera transport shuttle and Nice airport shuttle which is available 24/7.

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