How to get from San Remo to Monaco and back by bus, boat or car

If you are in Monte-Carlo and want to see Italy, you have to rent a car. For a day trip from Monaco visit the San Remo. The beautiful city of on the Italian riviera is famous for its aristocratic villas (the city regularly visited by Alfred Nobel and the wife of Russian Tsar Nicholas II), a festival of Italian music, fashion shows and an excellent climate, which attracts tourists like a magnet.

Distance from Monaco to Italy

Distance from Monte Carlo to San Remo is just 44,5 kilometres, but you are not be able to get from Monte Carlo to san Remo in less than half an hour. To start you have to get out Monte-Carlo, which located on the mountain terraces, but it's not easy for any driver. Don’t trust your GPS, look the signs and be prepared for unexpected turns. We don’t recommend going at a speed exceeding 40 kilometers per hour it could end badly. Your must to get to the highway A8 and then go towards the Italian border.    

When you have gotten out of the Monte Carlo and sighed with relief, we recommend to stop the car in one of many "pockets" on the sidelines that are specifically designed for this purpose. There you can enjoy lovely views of the Mediterranean and make some spectacular photos.
On the way to San Remo, be very careful: some parts of road are in mountain tunnels, where it is often carried out repair work. We don’t recommend go too fast: many parts of the route installed surveillance cameras.

Arriving in San Remo, quickly turn in the car or put it in park and go for a walk - to this day you will certainly see a lot of interesting things. If you have a lot of money, you can play at the casino: in San Remo it belongs to the municipality.
Also from Monte Carlo to San Remo you can get by train, in which case you will need to make one change.

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