How to get from Manhattan, New York City to the Statue of Liberty, USA

    You can’t get to the Statue of Liberty by car or by low-cost airlines. It is located on the island and to get it, you must to take Statue of Liberty ferry, departing from Battery Park. Statue of Liberty tickets are available at Castle Clinton. This historic fortification was the first official immigrant reception station operated by New York. Castle Clinton is situated at the end of Battery Park, near the water.

    First of all how to get to Battery Park. The first easiest way is to take a taxi. Rent a car in New York City. You can find car rental in New York at low prices and it is a good idea for weekend breaks, you certainly get to Battery Park fast enough. If you are getting to Statue of Liberty from Brooklyn or Queens, and after a visit to Battery Park are going to ride around the city. However, you should remember that to find free parking in New York is very difficult and cost a few parking tickets can exceed the cost of renting the urban hatchback. If you park in the wrong place or near fire hydrants, you would have to pay a large fine.

    How to get to Battery Park by subway? It depends on where you go. If it’s the West Side, use the tube train # 1 (Red Line) to Station South Ferry. If you use the Yellow Line trains, choose R or W to get to that same station. In that case, if you are coming from East Side, will have to sit on the train number 4 or number 5 and go to the station Bowling Green.

    Going to Battery Park, necessarily go to the sculpture, called The Sphere. It was installed near the twin towers of The World Trade Center, which were destroyed on Sept. 11, 2001, and miraculously survived.

    Once you have bought tickets to stand in line at the boat. The queue is big, but moves fast. You should also remember that before boarding you have to go through a metal detector. Travel by ferry to the Statue of Liberty takes no more than 15 minutes.