How to get from Hannover to Hamburg, Germany

     Journey from Hanover to Hamburg is a good way to visit the football match Hannover 96 vs. St. Pauli, see one of the largest ports in Europe or just a visit most Hamburg famous Red Light District. We also advise you to stop at the bar, where in the early 1960's played The Beatles - it still exists and located on the square with the eloquent title Beatles-Platz.

    The easiest way to get from Hanover to Hamburg is to take the train, preferably InterCity Express Germany(ICE) or InterCity Express trains(IC), which didn’t stop at every station. In our opinion you need early train, around 7 o'clock in the morning - in this case, you will see quite a lot in Hamburg. To this end, we recommend to have breakfast at the Hannover Central Station (Hannover Hauptbahnhof), where you can find everything you need including excellent coffee, fresh juices and sandwiches.  Tickets can be purchased directly at the train station in vending machines and if you don’t understand German, be sure, that they support English. Your trip will last from 1 hour 17 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes - depending on the type selected trains.


    How to get from Hannover to Hamburg by car. No problem, though the road from Hanover to Hamburg is not a standard - at least, according to German standards. Rent a car in Germany is as easy, as paying for the Internet, so choose a car, call friends if they agree to share the cost of car rent and petrol it will be cheaper and start. Distance from Hamburg to Hannover just 152 kilometers, which easily overcomes in the car for half an hour. Also, you should know that in Hamburg is not so difficult to find free parking on the street and free places at public parking are always in short supply. If you will return to Hanover closer to the night and return the car before the end of the first day, your journey will be very cheap.

There is also cheap Flights from Hamburg to Hannover and low cost flights from Hannover to Hamburg.