How to get from Frankfurt to Zurich by train, car and airplane

Getting from Frankfurt to Switzerland

When it is winter it's time to go to a ski resort or just a change of scenery for a few days. If you live or work in Frankfurt, we can advise you to do a day trip to Zurich and then go to the Swiss Alps, or traveling the Romantic Road. Driving distance from Zurich to Frankfurt or Frankfurt to Zurich distance is 193.5 Miles or 311.3 Kilometers.

Flights from Frankfurt to Zurich

    Frankfurt Airport International is the second largest airport in Europe (London Heathrow Airport is the largest airport in the United Kingdom). We don’t recommend you to fly to Switzerland by plane. Although one-way flights only lasts 50 minutes, it costs much money.

How to get to Zurich by car

We are not sure that it’s a good idea. A little bit decent car (eg, Opel Meriva) is more expensive than in the U.S., but if you want to rent it out in Switzerland, you will have to pay again. Plus petrol charges, plus the chance to get into a traffic jam on the highway (I saw it with my own eyes). I definitely recommend you as the best way from Zurich to Frankfurt is to take the train Frankfurt Zurich.  Train from Frankfurt to Zurich is not too cheap, but you can choose a good time for you. There are three trains a day to Zurich from Frankfurt. German railway is considered to be one of the most reliable in Europe. And you can save much money on your getting from Zurich to Frankfurt  or getting from Frankfurt to Zurich.

Frankfurt to Switzerland by train

    Frankfurt to Zurich European Train Tickets can be purchased via credit card or directly at the train station in vending machines or at the cashier. If you decide to buy from the cashier, you will need to stand in a small queue, which is pretty fast moving. Be sure not to book a ticket online from Zurich to Frankfurt or from Frankfurt to Zurich with reserve seats. It is more expensive and there are so many empty seats on this train.

    Our suggestions to get from Zurich to Frankfurt is to chose the train departs from Frankfurt at 5:38 am and arrive in Zurich in four and a half hours later.
Trains from Frankfurt am Main to Zurich depart from the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof so I arrived there in advance to look at the second largest terminal in Germany. Station is really beautiful, and I enjoyed the "Glühwein" hot spiced wine that did start my journey even more enjoyable.
The train Frankfurt Zurich came in 25 minutes before departure. I got into the second class carriage. Except me, there was only five people. Then I put the suitcase on the top and began reading the "Memoirs" by Francois de La Rochefoucauld. During my trip from Frankfurt to Zurich, I enjoyed the views of Germany and Switzerland and twice went into the bistro, where you can order sandwiches and drinks. After four and a half hours I safely arrived in Zurich.

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