How to get from Dortmund Germany to Barcelona Catalonia Spain

     If you live in Westphalia, Germany and need to visit Barcelona Spain in business for example you can go on February GSMA Mobile World Congress, ot to look at the game of Lionel Messi or simply to enjoy masterpieces of Antonio Gaudi, it’s time to think about quickly and cheap getting to Barcelona, the capital of Europen South.

    I think you have only one option — a direct cheap flights to Barcelona by budget airlines. This option will save you a lot of money and time. If you book cheap tickets to Barcelona for a few months before departure, the flight will be worth so little that its price will be quite comparable to the cost of dinner at the restaurant in Barcelona. In this case you will need to pay by credit card, but it’s not a big problem. Also see the baggage allowance some low cost airlines strive to strip off the money for each extra suitcase, while ‘regular’ airlines are allowed to carry free of charge up to 32 kg of luggage.

    If you ever not have enough time, we recommend to come to Dortmund Airport by bus. Airport Express departs from the main railway station of Dortmund and arrive at the airport in about 25 minutes after start. Also buses to the airport go from stations Unna and Hamm (Westf.) Railway Station. You can’t get to the Dortmund airport by train - the nearest station is located a few kilometers from the terminal. This means that if you live in Bielefeld, you have to go to the main railway station of Dortmund on the train or bus and then take a bus that goes to the airport. Be sure to grab a sandwich and fruit drinks because Dortmund airport building looks very nice, but it will be very difficult to find the food to which you are accustomed to.
Arriving in Barcelona, don’t use public transport and immediately take a Barcelona airport taxi. The airport is located near the city and for a very reasonable fee you can easily and quickly reach the city center.