How to get from Berlin to Hannover by train, car and airplane

Why go to Hannover? Hanover or Hannover in German is home Deutsche Messe Hannover the largest exhibition complex in the world. Thus, if you're working in IT, energy, or, for example, design, early or later you will need to go to the capital of Saxony. Why from Berlin to Hanover? It’s easier to find a direct cheap flights to Berlin, while in front of major trade shows to find a ticket to Hanover, even with the changes is very difficult.

When your plane has landed in one of Berlin airports (personally, I had to come in at least two of them), you will need to get to Berlin Hauptbahnhof the main station in the city. In principle, you can take the train from Berlin to Hannover from other stations – such as the Berlin Ostbahnhof and Alexanderplatz. But we recommend to take a train Berlin Hannover from Hauptbahnhof, to see the most beautiful and modern railway station in Germany.

If you have arrived at the airport Tegel, which is located in the western part of the city, you can take a Berlin airport taxi Tegel. A Taxi ride Berlin Tegel to Central Berlin will last no longer than 20 minutes and will cost very cheap. If your plane has landed at the airport Schönefeld, which is located in the eastern part of Berlin, we recommend walking distance to S-bahn (city railway) station and take a train. Tickets can be purchased from the machine at the station.

You have gotten to the Berlin Hauptbahnhof  already? Excellent! View fares and schedules from Berlin to Hannover train, find the next train Berlin Hannover and buy tickets. If you do not want to sort out yourself with machine, go to the cashier among them, there is always someone who speak English. Trains run every hour, so you still have time to inspect the station and take your lunch. If you buy a ticket on the fastest train InterCity Express Germany Berlin Hannover, a trip will takes only one hour and 40 minutes.

How to get from Berlin to Hannover by car? You can rent a car Berlin Airport, but there is a point in if you go with a few colleagues. The fact is that renting a car in Germany is expensive, and we recommend you take it only if you can go fifty-fifty with your friends. Distance between Hannover and Berlin is 250 Kilometres or 155.35 miles.

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